4 Tips to Find the Best Safety Knife For Your Kitchen

Knives are an essential tool that you can see in every household. Knives are of different types, and each of them has different functions and is used in several places. In this article, the term safety knife is discussed thoroughly, and it’s characteristics/features.

When looking for safety knives, you must check the handle and the blade—which is mostly what a knife consists of in reality. The knife must have a handle that minimises the exposure of the edge and doesn’t let your hand (holding the knife) get near it (blade). The design should be so that it keeps your skin away from the blade’s edge no matter how you hold it in your hand, and that’s called innovative design.

When it comes to the blade, it has to be made of quality material (explained later in the article) and with proper design as well.

The following are the features of safety knives:

The blades

The blade of a safety knife is finger-friendly, which means you can touch both the blade’s edges without getting hurt. These blades are known as slice blade because it is different from the traditional blades.

The blades are made of zirconium (most of them), an advanced/engineered ceramic (which is) better than steel. It increases the wear resistance and makes slicing easier.


As mentioned earlier, the primary purpose of the handle is to make your grip better and lessen the blade exposure. The shape must be designed to prevent the user from cutting themselves during the usage. This design makes the knife less hazardous and improves the safety rating.

Ergonomic design is the new trend in the market. This design reduces the repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) common in workplaces.

Retraction mechanism

It is a crucial innovation that helps reduce injuries when the knife isn’t in use. A retractable design is in which the blade is attached to a slider inside the handle. It lets you slide the blade inside the handle after use. This is a full-proof design that prevents injuries.

The safety knife becomes easier to carry with this design without injuring yourself or damaging the clothes/bag. This is one of the successful designs which improved the safety rating of the safety knives.

Hooks are cool

The retractable mechanism makes the knife safe to carry in your pocket or bag, but is it enough or an excellent way to carry a knife? Maybe not. And that’s why the next level of safety has a hook in the handle, which can be used to properly hook the knife in your pocket or bag—reducing the movement or possibility of losing it during the travel.

The tools with hooks are beneficial for people in blue-collar jobs such as electricians or plumbers, who carry their instruments in their bags or pockets. The professionals can use this knife during their work and hook it back to their pocket or any other part of their cloth with the hook. And with the retractable system, they won’t worry about cuts or injuries.

These features make the knife safe for every age group and easy to use. When a sharp and dangerous tool like a knife has all these safety features, you will have the confidence to use it. So, the next time you are looking for a safety knife, you know what features to look for.

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