4 Unusual Entertainment Ideas for a Classy Event

Classy events are fantastic times to show off your incredible taste and a good eye for planning: so it’s vital that you make it one people will never forget.  Unfortunately, many aren’t sure where the line is between classy and trashy entertainment, but worry not!  The line is a lot thicker than you might believe.

These are some of the best unique entertainment ideas that work for a classy event and keep people from feeling bored while they’re attending.

Solo Singers in Other Languages

If you want to impress anyone who attends your event, it’s time to hire solo singers who are singing in a language that most of your guests won’t be familiar with.  Not only does it make listening easy so they can focus on the conversations at hand, but it also gives the singers the chance to really lean into the notes and tunes they’re singing so they carry these skills without having to rely on lyrics that someone might find touching or cliche.  You can hire these singers with accompaniment, or you can seek out some that come with a cd of instrumentals that they sing over.

Fantastic Saxophone Players

Saxophones are quickly becoming popular again, with these musicians stunning time and time again.  If you want your event to stand apart, consider hiring saxophone players who can play a large range of music.  Not only does this instrument fill a venue with incredible reedy tunes, but it also invites spectators to stand around and watch as the musician pours out some of the most impressive musical skills you’ll ever see.  Although you can hire a whole band: why not let the saxophone shine?

Cover String Quartet

String quartets are almost a cliche at classy events: which is why you should hire one with a twist.  Cover quartets are able to take modern and popular music and turn it into angelic sounding tunes with little to no effort.  This elevates the feeling of the music, turning it classy while also adding some spunk and fun through whichever songs they decide to cover.

Look for a group that does covers of music you enjoy or is willing to learn songs for the event.  You can surprise people by having a string quartet play 80s hits or stun them by allowing your guests to slowly realize the angelic quartet music is actually top 40s radio hits!

Dueling Pianos

If you want to heat things up and keep people stunned and entertained: it’s vital that you consider dueling pianos!  This pairs two skilled pianists against each other to play and entertain, showing off their mastery of the instrument while also inviting people to spectate and enjoy the show.  Although it’s a competition, something that can be a little intense, pianos are one of the most beloved classical instruments and a fantastic addition to any classy event.

Classy Events Can Still Be Fun and Interesting

Whether you’re planning your first event or you want to spice up the events you’re worried are starting to get boring: entertainment can change everything.  Pick the right entertainment, and you’ll be amazed how much it will change your event.

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