5 Baby Bath Products Every First-time Parent Must Purchase

Bathing your baby is one of the most exhausting and chaotic tasks you will encounter in your parent-life. Unlike the commercials, most toddlers don’t tend to settle down in a bathtub and have the time of their life. Instead, there are a lot of hues and cries to make you panic.

Having the right baby bath products can help make the entire process much more relaxed. Everyday essentials like a bath mat, cotton washcloth, rinsing cup, etc., can get the cleansing job done relatively easily.

If you plan to go baby-bath shopping, here are five products you must not forget!

Bath Tub

You cannot utilize a full-sized bathtub to clean the baby. With enough space available, you won’t be able to prevent the little one from trying to escape you. Instead, investing in a baby bathtub with safety drains and posts is better.

Such tubs are at a slight angle and not completely upright. Based on your requirements, you can also find different features like motorized water jets, heat-sensitive plugs, mesh slings, etc.

Bath Mat

There’s no doubt that babies tend to be extra slippery. Combined with their consistent efforts to move around, holding them in one place can be the task of a lifetime! You must purchase a bath mat to prevent such incidents and unwanted injuries.

Generally, you will find that such mats are made of PVC or vinyl and provide a tight grip to steady the baby. Try to avoid products with BPA or latex.

Cotton Washcloth

Babies spend a lot of time spilling food on themselves, crawling on the floor, or playing with dirt. All these activities can lead to an unhygienic build-up on their skin. Therefore, scrubbing is an essential bathing activity you must carry out regularly.

Cotton washcloths are incredibly soft and capable of cleaning all the dirt. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the fabric being too harsh on a kid’s butter-like skin.

Rinsing Cup

One of the toughest challenges of the bathing process is rinsing. You already know that if you have ever tried to shampoo a baby’s hair while preventing the soapy water from reaching the eyes.

Instead, you should use a rinsing cup to smoothen the entire process. Some cups also come with a visor to let the water slip away from the forehead without getting into the baby’s eyes or ears.

Hooded Towels

After tackling the bathing challenge, you need to dry your baby with a soft towel. However, bundling them into a regular towel can be pretty messy. In such cases, hooded baby towels come to the rescue.

These towels are made with 100% cotton fabric and efficiently cover the entire body. As such, you don’t have to worry about any heat loss through the head. It will prevent the baby from catching a cold after a bath.

Wrapping Up

Did you know that the average baby bath time around the globe is 23 minutes? Well, it could be a lot longer if you don’t have the right baby bath products at hand!

Needless to explain, infants and toddlers can create a lot of ruckuses when they want to. And bath-hour is when all hell breaks loose.

However, you can try to make the best of this time by having a baby bathtub, bath mat, rinsing cup, washcloth, etc.

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