5 Party Ideas That Include Hiring a Showgirl

Showgirls are best known for having legs for days and a personality that doesn’t stop either!  They’re a fun way to make a party feel like it’s from another era and add excitement to your event.

If you want to hire a showgirl but aren’t sure when they’d be necessary, these are some of the top events they’ll be useful for.

Poker Night Parties

Poker parties are a great time to connect with others and even possibly raise money for a good cause.  If you’re planning an event like this with your friends any time soon, it’s a good idea to consider hiring a showgirl to make it all the more legitimate!  Not only will she be able to MC, but she can also give guests someone to talk to and show off for as they’re playing poker.

Burlesque Themed Bachelorette Parties

If you want to have a fun and flirty bachelorette party, why not theme it after burlesque shows!  You can hire male dancers and have a showgirl MC the entire thing for you!  Not only does a woman MC offer someone you can connect with, but she can also make it more entertaining by encouraging you to work past your reservations a little and have fun!  What’s better for a bachelorette party than having a great time?

Vegas Themed Wedding Parties

Vegas understands how to have a good time- so why not add some of that fun to your next event?  Viva Las Vegas, and throw a themed party where everyone dresses up and has fun with it.  Although this can be similar to the poker night party, a Vegas-themed party can be on the move and allow you to show off fun costumes and themed music and rent a limo to go from location to location!

Elvis Themed Parties

Elvis-themed parties aren’t extremely common, so throwing one can be an awesome way to surprise your guests and have the event of a lifetime!  To make an Elvis-themed party, lean into it with entertainment, food, and decoration, and hire a showgirl like Sasha Colby to add some fun and glamor to the event!  Not only will she be able to convince your audience that this is the most fun they can ever have, but she’ll also add a touch of reality and nostalgia to the event as well!

Flirty Bachelor Parties

Although saucy bachelor parties have become a cliche, they can still be a lot of fun!  Having a showgirl help guide the night from event to event with the party MC can add a bit of fun, flirty glamor to an event that might not usually have any!  Bachelor parties are a once-in-a-lifetime event that lets you say goodbye to partying and recklessness of single life so that you can settle into a more comfortable and fulfilling married life: why not have fun with it!

There’s Nothing Like a Fun Party!

A fun party can create memories that everyone will be eager to talk about and enjoy for years to come.  Consider hiring a showgirl for one of these themed events, and you’ll never stop hearing about how fun the party was for everyone who attended!

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