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5 Reasons to Use Solidworks Software for Product Design

If you are looking for software that you can use for CAD design in both 2D and 3D, then Solidworks could be the solution for you. This software is rapidly becoming the industry standard. Here are five solid reasons why you should start using this amazing CAD design software.

It Is Easy to Learn

Solidworks was built to be intuitive and simple to use. Though it is a highly capable piece of CAD software, it has a friendly and simple user experience that makes it quick to pick up even if you haven’t seen it before.

Time is money, so having design software that works with you rather than against you is a more profitable choice. The time savings that using Solidworks gives you and your company help it to pay for itself.

It Is Well Recognised Software

Using design software that is used throughout the industry is an important time saver. Manufacturers, clients, and other product design teams are highly likely to use Solidworks, so you will not have to waste time converting files and risking the chance of causing errors in the data.

Your competitors will probably use Solidworks too, so if you want to compete on a level playing field with them you be using the same software. It is a powerful tool that most engineers rely on.

It Runs on Laptops, Making It Portable

Some CAD design software will only run on powerful and cumbersome desktop computers that you cannot take on the road with you. Solidworks has all the capabilities, functions, and features modern CAD design software should have, but will still work on smaller computers.

These Solidworks Lenovo Laptop workstations are the perfect example. They are lightweight and portable but can still push the software, and your designs, to the highest level.

It Is Efficient to Use

Solidworks let you adjust and edit your design at every stage of the process. The software was created with designers in mind. It comes complete with a number of built-in applications that help speed up the design process and give you more time to concentrate on developing your idea.

The RealView graphics feature and PhotoView 360 both allow you to look at highly realistic renderings of your design. This can help you spot design problems earlier in the process making it an even more efficient design tool to use.

It Comes with Excellent Tech Support

One of the most popular features of Solidworks is not the software itself but the level of support that is available online. There is a massive community of product designers and engineers that use Solidworks every day and are only too happy to help out a fellow user.

Most other CAD software lacks this kind of enthusiastic support. By choosing Solidworks you join a community of designers that support each other, share ideas, and pass on software tips and tricks.

Solidworks makes CAD design tasks easy and efficient. The built-in features allow product designers and CAD developers to fine-tune their designs before the prototyping stage. This saves time and money and lets you get on with your next project quickly.

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