7 Destinations in and Around Glenview That Are Perfect for the Elderly

Glenview, which is only 15 miles away from Chicago, is a fantastic place for elderly people looking for a quiet slice of life. There are plenty of green spaces to relax in Glenview, but there are also plenty of restaurants and shops to take in society. Elderly life in Glenview will never be boring, as there are plenty of suitable destinations spread across the Chicago North Shore – here are our top seven choices.

Grosse Pointe Lighthouse

Grosse Pointe Lighthouse can be found in Evanston, which is only a short 28-minute drive away. This stunning historical location is the perfect place to take in the sea breeze. The lighthouse was erected in 1873 to guide ships into Chicago, but it was decommissioned in 1935. Today, Grosse Pointe operates as a private aid for naval navigation.

Historic Wagner Farm

If you’re making the most of senior living in Glenview, then you’ll want to pay a visit to Wagner Farm for a journey back in time. There are plenty of things to see and do at this exciting destination, including Glenview Farmers Market. After you’ve finished soaking up the history, you can take a piece of the farm with you by visiting the Museum Store.

Ravinia at Highland Park

There’s no age limit for enjoying music, and lovers of all genres in Glenview will benefit from the nearby Ravinia at Highland Park. During the year, this venue hosts hundreds of events including North America’s oldest music festival. As well as average musical acts, there are even dance events including Ruth Page Civic Ballet.

Halim Time and Glass Museum

Visiting the Halim Time and Glass Museum will take you on another trip to Evanston, but it’s well worth the short journey. If you’re a fan of antiques and vintage items, you’ll love taking in the thousand-strong collection of stained-glass windows, clocks, and other timepieces.

Chicago Botanic Garden

Surrounding yourself with nature is proven to alleviate mental health conditions, which is why Chicago Botanic Gardens is the perfect destination for elderly people living in Glenview. This beautiful garden is set around a tranquil lake, and there are all types of plants including aquatic, roses, woodland vegetation, prairie plants, fruit and veg, and so much more.

Writers Theatre

There’s nothing better than enjoying an evening full of comedy, music, and Broadway-grade stage talent. If this resonates with you, then a visit to Glencoe’s Writers Theatre will be your idea of the perfect trip.

Northshore Sculpture Park

Located close to the Chicago River, Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park is a brilliant day whether it’s winter or summer. With over 60 sculptures spread over two miles of stunning green space, there’s nothing to complain about when you take into account that admission is 100% free.

Glenview is the perfect place for the elderly because there are plenty of nearby destinations to find enjoyment and keep connected with society. Being close to Chicago, there are plenty of transport links, which means there’s no need to worry about driving.

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