9 Tips and Hacks to be Prom Ready

A prom is an exciting event for students – it is the time of their life when they exclusively dress up, have fun, and celebrate their achievements.

The stress and anxiety about getting ready for prom come with the excitement of prom. There are countless things to keep track of.

If this sounds familiar to you, you are here at the right place as we have the ultimate prom guide ready for you.

Read on to learn more about the best tricks, tips, and essentials – everything to do with getting ready for prom – so you can be ready with whatever the prom day has in stock for you.

Dress Shopping

First things first – you need a dress. And dress shopping usually occurs weeks before the final day. When it comes to choosing the prom dress of your dreams, you might want to check out various options online before you hit the stores.

You might as well want to check out some of the best local boutiques in your area and try out different dresses of various shades and styles. Opting for an online dress is cool, too – but the trick is to never leave things for the very last moment.

This way, you won’t be having a panic attack in case you need to alter the size of your prom dress. The best prom dress is the one that fits you like a glove – so make the appointments for any alterations earlier rather than leaving everything for the last minute.

Practice Walking in Heels

If you have never worn heels before, then you will want to break in your shoes at least a week before prom day. You might want to get used to wearing and walking in heels by walking in your room and around the house.

Also, try climbing up the stairs and dancing around with them. This way, you will feel so much more confident on prom day. You will also be thankful that you didn’t wait for the prom day to slip in your brand new shoes.

By breaking in your shoes, the heels will mold to your feet’ shape. This way, you won’t be the ratchet girl on prom taking off her heels.

On prom day, you will want to prevent blisters on your feet. So, you can put deodorant on the side of your feet to prevent rubbing and blisters.

Select Jewelry

After the dress and shoes are ready, you will also want to select some bling for your ears, neck, and finger. Select jewelry that matches your prom dress and allows you to dance away the prom night without getting in the way.


Skincare comes long before you even put on your prom dress and makeup. You have to take care of your skin to feel good and appear flawless. Your skincare regime comes down to your skin type.

Nonetheless, it would help if you focused on cleansing and moisturizing your skin daily and exfoliating it a couple of times a week. Also, don’t forget to apply sunscreen every day. Also, you don’t have to break the bank to get the right products.

Stay Hydrated

Of course, you will have to work on your skin from the inside out, so you should stay hydrated and drink as much water as possible. Doing so won’t only diminish the chances of acne but also induce a natural glow on your skin.

But, the thing about acne is that these tend to pop up when they are least wanted – if this happens to you, you might want to opt for target treatment, which includes products that have benzoyl peroxide to make the zits heal faster.

You can also do a cold compress – just use anything cold and press it against the acne. What it does is that it reduces the inflammation and makes your skin not appear so bumpy at the time of applying a concealer over it.

Say Goodbye to Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

If you feel like your eyes are puffy and you have dark circles, you might want to use cold green tea bags. It works wonders for the eyes. You will want to steep two green teas – once it is completely steeped – take them out of the hot water and place them in the freezer.

Once the green tea bags are super chill, you will want to place them over your eyes and let them rest there for fifteen minutes. This way, you can create the perfect Spa vibes at home while the green tea extracts and coldness of the tea bags will allow you to remove the puffiness of your eye bags.

Wear a Button-Up Shirt over the Prom Dress During Makeup

Now when it is time for makeup, you might want to wear a button-up shirt over your prom dress while applying makeup because you don’t want to take off your shirt in a way that would mess up your hair and makeup.

You will be spending time and effort on your hair and makeup – so you must ensure that you don’t ruin anything.

Do Your Hair

On prom day, you will want your hair to look perfect and stay in the perfect position. If you struggle with baby hair, you might want to spray your comp with hairspray and then comb the baby hair down, so they stay firm in one place.

If you plan to do an updo hairstyle, spray the bobby pins with hairspray before putting them in your hair. This way, the pins will actually stick to your hair and stay in your hair longer. You will be surprised to know how genius this simple hack is to keep your hairstyle intact.

Carry Your Prom Essentials

In your prom clutch, you will want to carry all your mandatory prom essentials, such as your phone, money, lipstick, or any makeup you bring for the touch-up. Nonetheless, you should also bring a portable charger with you, so you don’t run out of battery and miss out on photo opportunities – in case your phone dies.

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