A Detailed Guide to Political Signage

You must choose high-quality advertising signage if you’re revamping your political promotional strategy or planning to run a campaign. Political campaign signs will not only help you spread awareness about the candidate but also encourage people to vote. You can also use the political campaign signs so that voters can support your candidate.

To develop an effective political signage strategy, you need to know about the different types of signage that you should include in your marketing efforts. If you don’t know what types of signs are adequate for your political advertising campaign, you might end up making some crucial mistakes.

What Signage Your Political Campaign Should Use?

If you’re planning to use cheap political signs, there are numerous options to choose from. The sign you choose needs to complement your intended purpose and should be capable of boosting the candidate’s popularity. Here are the different types of signs you should use for your political campaign.

Yard Signs 

During national or local elections in your country, you will notice that candidates consider yard signs as the primary advertising effort for their political campaign. This is because yard signs are not only affordable but also easy to distribute. This way, the political campaigns can spread awareness cost-effectively while also gaining votes.

Yard signs will prove highly beneficial for local elections. This is because some people don’t know much about politics as well as the candidates. Therefore, when you use yard signs, you will be able to encourage them to vote for you. The yard signs will undoubtedly help you boost local elections as they can help the less-knowledgeable voters. But make sure the design of the yard signs is perfect for supporting your political campaign.

Car Decals 

This is another great signage option for political campaigns. Decals are one of the most effective types of advertising signs that supporters can install on their cars and promote the endorsement of the candidate. The car decals are a simple advertising strategy with the name and signature color of the candidate. As per Koba Advertising, make sure you develop your brand to promote election campaign.

You can also make the decals more complex by including the political slogan as well as other types of relevant and custom designs. Despite your preference, the car decals will always showcase the candidate’s professionalism.

They are one of the most portable advertising methods you can include in your political campaign. Due to their popularity and affordability, you can also give them out for free.

Vehicle Wraps 

If you want to reach the next level of car advertising for your political campaign, you need to use the wraps that will cover the entire vehicle’s body. The vehicle wraps are something that will generate a superb return on investment. Not to mention, their lower cost per impression will also help you save a significant amount of money.

As vehicle wraps can stand apart on the busy road, you can capture the voters’ attention to your political campaign or candidate. However, make sure the vehicle wraps are visually appealing, and the message is visible.


This is the ultimate political signage guide you should know. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you contact us.

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