A Guide to Help You Use Pataa – Your Smart Digital Address

We are well aware of the complexities of the Indian addressing system, laden with complicated pin codes, area names, landmarks, and many more. This makes it extremely difficult to locate, navigate and share addresses, especially if they are located in remote areas.

Be it for delivery agents or visitors, sharing and understanding an address is very important in order to easily locate people and their locations . When trying to locate an address, the numerous elements involved: the pin code, name of the area, landmark, etc. make it confusing to understand and navigate.

Now you must be wondering – Surely, there has to be a solution to this. You’re right, a digital address app can make your life a cakewalk.

Pataa is an app that helps simplify and shorten complex addresses into a code. It’s unbelievably easy to share, locate, and navigate with this code.Wonderful, right? Let’s see how this is done.

Pataa replaces your address and let you get a digital address code  for every location based on location intelligence. It allows you to create your own personal and professional code. Let’s say you’re up for ordering something. Along with easy sharing, it’d eliminate the effort you take to write your entire address with your area, pin code, landmark, etc.

Having known what Pataa is, you might be eager to know how to use this app.

How To Create A Pataa: Your Smart Digital Address

Step 1: Download the app from the Google Play Store or the iOS app store

Step 2: Signup by verifying the OTP sent to you

Step 3: Tap on ‘Create Pataa’, and place the pin accurately at your doorstep.

Step 4: If you want to create a Pataa for another location, tap on ‘Change’ and enter that address in the search bar.

Step 5: Tap on the Pataa plate to get a digital address code,e.g.  ‘^KUMAR100’ or ‘^SINGH221’. Tap on ‘Check Availability’. if the respective code you have set is available, then tap on ‘Create Pataa’ and proceed. It’s customizable as well.

Step 6: Enter your complete address details and select address type- home/ office or other. Save and continue.

Step 7: To set a route from your nearest landmark to your Pataa, enter the name of the landmark. click on ‘start recording’ to record instructions in your own voice to guide the visitors from your nearest landmark to your Pataa. Tap ‘Stop’ and continue.

Step 8: Now carefully drag and set your Landmark ‘L1’ pin on the landmark to create a route from the landmark to your Pataa.

Step 9: Click on ‘Suggest Routes’ and tap the route that you want to recommend to your visitor

Step 10: You can also add additional instructions. e.g., a road closure, a new construction, etc.

Step 11: Click on ‘Add Photo’ to add pictures of your Pataa.

Step 12: Your Pataa is now made. Enjoy your smart life now with your smart digital address.

Now that you are aware of the quick and efficient way of creating and sharing your Pataa, let’s look at why you should use Pataa,a digital address app. it’s compelling features  make sharing and understanding your address convenient.

Why Use Pataa?

  1. You can record your address, landmarks, and additional instructions in your own voice. .This renders a personalized feeling and efficiently guides your visitors to reach you.
  2. The live location sharing feature allows you to track your visitors and helps them reach you with ease.
  3. You can also create an extension for the people sharing the same address as you, be it your family, flatmates,or colleagues..
  4. You can add multiple landmarks for your address as well as a route from your nearest landmark to your Pataa.
  5. Check out of service routes with ease through the additional information added.
  6. You can also add your Pataa code to numerous delivery apps and websites to make deliveries efficient and save last-minute delivery costs.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Pataa app to save yourself and your visitors from the hassle that comes with complex addresses. Because life is too short to argue over directions, just say “ ^Pataa bhejo na apna” and move on.

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