Best Herb Seeds To Grow in Australia

Australia mainly falls under zone 3 of plant hardiness, where the average summer temperatures rise beyond 35°C, and the average minimum temperatures dip as low as 5°C in winters. In this broad temperature range, not all sensitive herbs can thrive. If you want a bountiful yield of herbs in your kitchen garden, you have to choose your species wisely and take care of their specifications. Here are some best growing herb seeds in Australia that you can try nurturing at home to get a lush green yield.


Basil is a low-maintenance herb that grows more luxuriantly with the rising summer temperatures. It needs no extra attention or fertilisation to maintain its health. It can be planted on any kind of soil and requires water only once or twice a week. It is a perfect choice for urban gardening, window boxes, garden containers, or even indoors. But it is disease-prone and easily gets infected with fungi, blight, or rot. In lower temperatures or frost, it gets stunted or dies.


Oregano is a perennial plant that can withstand the coldest winters in Australia. It is an ornamental herb that adds beauty and aesthetic value to your garden container or traditional piece of land. You can plant oregano once and enjoy its flavour for many years. Though not killed under extreme heat, it can get stunted at high temperatures, resulting in reduced longevity. Oregano has the disadvantage of being invasive as it grows uncontrollably and harms other plants in your garden if left uncared for.


It is winter or an early spring plant that needs no care at all. It can thrive without fertiliser, barely needs water, and you don’t ever have to prune it! Mint is extremely invasive. If grown on an extended piece of soil, it will outgrow all the plants in a year and cover the entire plot. Thus, mint is best grown in small garden containers, safely distant from other herbs.


Thyme is a highly tolerant and versatile herb. Some of its varieties can be grown in summer, some in winter, while others can flourish in all weather types. Thyme is incredibly easy to grow. Just plant it, water it, and enjoy its harvest the entire summer. However, it easily attracts birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and insects that can destroy the leaves if it is not protected.


It is an attractive purple blossomed herb that can intensify the beauty of any yard. The herb loves heat and prefers longer summers for its vibrance. Though its growth reduces during winters, lavenders are insect-resistant herbs that thrive during scorching summer days and leave a mind-boggling fragrance.


It is again a perennial plant that survives well in rainwater. It is grown mostly in late spring or early autumn, getting damaged in frost. It needs to be protected from deer, rabbits, and birds through netting and rodent sprays.


Garlic is a perennial herb that can resist extreme heat and drought. It requires very little water, no fertiliser, and minimal care. If not protected, it can get dug up and eaten by rabbits, deer, and birds.

Summing Up

Herb seeds in Australia are not that tough to grow. Australian weather is suitable for growing many herb species that can give good yield with minimal care. Try planting a few and see your window box flourish with greenery in no time.

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