Best Time to Fish Costa Rica

The best time to fish Costa Rica depends on the type of fish you are targeting. If you are an angler looking for marlin, tuna, sailfish, or dorado, then the months of June to August are prime. The months of October and November are wet and generally not good for fishing. From December to May, however, you should still have some success catching billfish. For some species, the rainy season can actually improve your chances.

If you’re looking for meatfish or pelagics, then the best time to fish Costa Rica is during the peak months of June and October. You can catch these large fish, as well as many other species of seafood, in these months. This season is the best time to catch grouper and tuna. While these two seasons are ideal for fishing, you may also want to check out the less popular species, such as snook and tarpon.

Final Thought

The peak fishing season is from June to October. The waters remain calm and favorable for fishing during this time. You’ll be able to catch marlin, tuna, dorado, and sailfish. If you’re looking for tuna or dorado, these are the best months to go. If you’re after billfish, however, you’ll find the right time to go. Fortunately, the weather isn’t always favorable, so don’t worry – the water temperature is not very high.

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