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“Welding” in the construction of many things. Many things require metal involved. Welding is one of the necessary sciences. because the connection is a connection fastening metals together and homogeneous

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Refers to the process of making molten metals stick together. By relying on the heat from the arc (Arc) that will occur between the metal work and the welding wire. The average welding temperature is about 6000 degrees Celsius, which will cause the weld metal to melt together with the tip of the welding wire. and homogeneous

Basic welding for beginners to learn welding can be divided as follows.

  1. Electric welding (Arc Welding)
  2. Gas Welding

This article will discuss electroplating welding. which is widely popular This article will provide information on the various equipment required for electrical welding. Please continue reading the article.

Electric welding (Arc Welding)

Electric welding is a method of welding metals. by melting the metal together with the welding wire by electric current

The tools and equipment used in electric welding are as follows:

There are many types of welding machines, such as Motor Generator welding machines, AC-DC Combination welding machines, AC-DC React welding machines, Engine Driven Generator welding machines, and AC welding machines.

2 welding cable (Welding Cable) is responsible for bringing electricity from the welding machine through the welding wire to the work metal. and return to the welding machine

3 Electrode Holder is used to hold the welding wire. The handle is insulated to prevent electric shock to the operator. The end of the chuck is connected to the connecting cable and connected to the welding machine.

4 Ground Lamp (Ground Lamp) looks like a vise. Used to hold the workpiece, it is responsible for conducting electricity from the workpiece through the welding cable back into the welding machine.

5 Mask (Welding Helmet) made of fiber (Fiber) to protect the eyes and skin. A good mask must have 99.50 percent or more of Infrared Ray and UltraViolet Ray lenses. There are two types of masks: Heat Shield and Hand Shield.

6 Welding wire (Electrode) is a chemical alloy rod. When an arc occurs, it melts, causing the metal to become homogeneous. The welding wire consists of two important parts: the core and the covering or fluxes.

7 Hammer, wire brush (Hammer and Brush) is a tool used to clean welds.

8 Leather gloves (Gloves) are used to prevent electric shock and prevent heat from electric welding.

In addition, electric welding cabinets are also divided into 4 types:

  1. Argon welding cabinet or TIG welding cabinet
  2. Inverter welding cabinet (ARC/MMA)
  3. CO2 welding machine or MIG welding cabinet
  4. Plasma cutting machine

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