Experiment with the Potent Effects of White Burma Shrooms

If you want to experiment with something different, try the White Burma mushroom. It’s not a new strain per se, but White Burma mushrooms should be on your list if you are looking for

potent magic mushrooms try.

As you know, highly potent mushrooms can give you a more spiritual and otherworldly experience. Although you can achieve such when using moderately potent strains, you need more to get the trip you want. Meanwhile, potent shrooms require a small amount to get high.

Aside from expensive Penis Envy mushrooms, you can get effects as unique and worth trying with this strain. In addition, White Burma mushroom strains are beginner-friendly for cultivators. They grow fast and develop plenty of spores.

Overview of White Burma Mushroom

The White Burma cubensis has pale caps, a mutation from the Burma cubensis strain. It is considered a true albino strain since the spores are white. The spores of White Burma have undergone selective isolation and cultivation to create a valid albino Burma species.

John W. Allen was the man who studied and experimented on the Burma mushroom. Without his efforts, mushroom lovers and enthusiasts would have never gotten to know the effects and excellence of this strain.


All magic mushrooms change the mood, thought-pattern and cause hallucinations when in higher doses. In addition, they give visual patterns and intensify their effects as the user adds more mushrooms.

The mood changes that White Burma and other mushroom users give a feeling of euphoria and connectedness. There also comes spiritual and personal insights as the trip intensifies.

However, not all experiences are the same. There are less-enjoyable effects that both beginners and regular users can experience. In addition, it includes typical adverse experiences like yawning, nausea, and vomiting.

In some cases, some effects are severe but rare. When taken in spiritual dosage, users who aren’t ready often experience intense and disturbing anxiety.

You can enjoy Burma mushrooms without adverse effects. The most crucial part of taking mushrooms is to condition yourself. By being mentally prepared, you can easily let go of anything you see and what is happening. Then, you can enjoy the effects.

That’s why beginners and experienced users must learn to prepare themselves mentally. So they can enjoy a smooth and relaxing body and mind-high trip.


White Burma are potent mushrooms, which means a small amount can already have some effects. Therefore, using the proper dose is crucial to enjoying the mushroom results.

The exact amount of dose one must use often depends on their preference and capability. For example, first-time users cannot take 5 grams of mushrooms. They can end up having a bad experience.

Some people use a dosage calculator to estimate the proper amount of mushrooms they can consume. However, the calculation of the dose is still not accurate. Therefore, the only way for users to discover what works for them is to try the quantity.

For beginners, it is best to use the lowest dose. It is to weigh how sensitive you are to the psilocybin substance. You can eventually increase the amount if you know

that there is no effect.

Here is a simple magic mushroom dosage guide you can use to help you try on White Burma shrooms.

  • Microdose: 0.2 to 0.5 grams (no visible signs of hallucinations)
  • Low dose: 0.5 to 1 gram (minor changes with light euphoria)
  • Medium dose: 1 to 2 grams (increase mood changes and euphoria)
  • High dose: 2 to 3 grams (profound hallucinations, intensely visual and auditory changes, and feeling of connectedness)
  • Extreme or Heroic dose: 3 or 4 grams and above (intense psychedelic effects, spiritual or shamanic experience)

You can use this to help you with your shroom trip or make some adjustments when required. But always consider your level of experience when taking any magic mushroom or psychedelic


Studies on its Benefits

Research about psilocybin is increasingly growing. Studies show the possible therapeutic benefits that mushrooms offer. In most research, psilocybin can relieve symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety, headache, and any cancer-related psychological issues.

However, we still require more studies to prove the benefits of magic mushrooms. For now, only a few countries and states allow the use of experimental treatment with psychedelic drugs.

Where to Buy White Burma?

Magic mushrooms are illegal, but some people purchase and sell them discreetly online. It is the safest way to make your purchase without drawing attention. So, if you want to have a shroom, you buy them on legitimate online shops like Zoomies Canada.

You can also make it more discreet by purchasing products like edibles or capsules instead of the mushroom itself. These items look like regular food products or supplements that people will not second guess.


If you’ve been using shrooms for quite some time, you need to try White Burma. It has a high potency that will bring intense visual and auditory changes. With just a small dose, you can

start tripping. When you add a little more, you experience a body and mind high that connects you with nature and people and an ego-death experience to discover the meaning of life.

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