Finding a perfect swimsuit for curvy women

When you step out to buy a swimsuit, you will find an overwhelming array of options. A wide variety of shades, prints, and designs will leave you scratching your head and wondering what to buy and what not. Some women get so impressed by the swimsuits on the well-toned bodies of the models that they try to squeeze themselves into an ill-fitted bath suit even though it makes them uncomfortable. Make sure you never make this mistake! Remember, when purchasing a swimsuit, there is only one rule of thumb: comfort comes first with fashion, and trends feature second in the list of priorities.

Curvy swimsuits are designed keeping in mind the needs of a curvy woman; they provide extra support precisely where you need it the most and give you the confidence to flatter your body on the beach. All you need to do is find the right swimsuit that flatters your body and conceals the imperfections you wish to hide. Finding the right swimsuit is not as difficult as you think. You need to keep the following things in mind, and you will find the perfect swimwear for yourself without any hassle. Continue reading!

Think about your body realistically

Every individual is uniquely gifted and must respect one’s individuality. So what happens if you do not have the type of body displayed on magazine covers? You should accent your best features and pick swimwear that emphasizes your best assets. So think about your body and determine what you want to hide and showcase. For example, if you want to highlight your waistline, go for belted swimwear or wrap style. Similarly, you need plenty of support, wise straps, and an underwire cup for a fuller bust. Or, if your top and bottom both are curvy, there is no better swimsuit than a two-piece bikini to envy others.

Determine your right size

There is no one size fits all approach to wearing a swimsuit. Different manufacturers have different standards for sizing their products. Hence, before browsing through the countless options you have at your disposal, it is better to measure your size correctly. Mistakenly, women think their swimsuit size will be the same as their lingerie, but it is not true! Most swimwear size charts will ask for your bust, waist and hip measurements, so make you take their measures beforehand. 

Embrace different colours, designs, and prints

Girls, come on! Gone are the days of drab black swimsuits. Turn to different colours, designs and prints that keep the eyes moving. You will find myriad choices in colours, designs, patterns and prints that look stunning. Especially if you are a plus-size woman, feeling not so confident about showing your skin, try some bold and fun designs and textures so that people don’t focus on one particular area but on the whole body.

Look for the extra support you need

The proper support is vital to look confident and beautiful in swimwear. Especially when buying plus-size, curvy swimsuits, women should look for the desired support for a larger bust. Whichever swimsuit you pick based on your body type, ensure your bust and bottom area are adequately supported. Don’t forget to look for chest support, underwire, and mid-section support in the bathing suit you pick.

Try it on

Now that you know what your correct size is and what kind of support you need, it is time to pick the best swimsuit for yourself. If you are buying it from a brick-and-mortar store, you can try it there itself, but if you are shopping online, it is advisable to order two sizes of swimsuits. One which you think will fit you according to your measurements and the other one bigger size. So that if the swimsuit is not suitable, then you can keep the next size for your beach trip.

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