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Following an accident in Tacoma, you should consider the circumstances in detail. Did someone else cause your injuries? If yes, did they owe you a duty of care? Did they breach that duty? If yes, you might have a personal injury claim. The laws in Washington are intended to help victims, but recovering compensation from the defendant or their insurer carrier won’t be easy. You must schedule a legal consultation with an injury lawyer right away, but have you chosen the right legal expert? We have a few pointers below.

Does the lawyer have relevant experience?

While you should always choose an attorney specializing in personal injury law in the state, it is also relevant to consider the extent of their expertise. For instance, when you are filing a car accident claim, you need someone who takes up similar matters in their practice frequently. Appropriate experience is critical for getting a favorable outcome. There is no harm in discussing their profile, and a confident attorney will not hesitate to talk more.

Is the lawyer responsive and forthcoming?

You should get a quick response when you call an injury lawyer’s office. The staff should answer the basic questions and must schedule a meeting for which they must not charge you. When you meet the attorney, check if they are communicative and answer your queries about state laws and your claim. The attitude and approach of an attorney can make or break a case.

Is the lawyer ready to lie or make a promise?

You know that an injury lawyer is not a good choice when they are ready to guarantee an outcome. There are many things that they cannot control, and therefore, they shouldn’t say too-good-to-be-true things. Also, don’t hire someone who wants to inflate or overstate your injuries or twist facts to get a high settlement. An attorney is expected to adhere to the ethics of their profession.

Is the lawyer working on a contingency fee?

If an injury lawyer wants an upfront retainer fee or demands an hourly rate, they are already misleading you. It is common for most law firms in Tacoma to get due payments when clients win, and the amount is a fixed percentage of the final compensation. Your lawyer can charge 25% or more for your claim/lawsuit, but there shouldn’t be an immediate cost of availing their expertise.

It is always better to get an injury lawyer on board after arenagadgets you get hurt so that they can investigate the accident immediately. 

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