Headphones vs Earphones: Which is Best for you

Headphones and earphones are one of the most important mobile phone accessories commonly used. Both these devices serve common functionalities. I.e; one can listen to their favourite music, watch videos or hear the radio while travelling or relaxing, without disturbing the people nearby. But, are they really the same? Definitely not. Each has its own unique features and this has been included in this headphones vs earphones comparison article.

Before comparing, let’s share a brief introduction on what each of these devices is. As the name suggests, earphones are in-ear speakers or small ear-piece that fit into the ear canal. Whereas, headphones are a pair of small speakers connected to a band and worn over the head covering the ears. Headphones usually contain cushions around the speaker that improves comfort and sound insulation. Both these are available with wired and wireless connections.

The important features to consider regarding headphone and earphone purchase are frequency response, noise cancellation, noise isolation, drivers, sensitivity/sound pressure, impedance, and Total Harmonic Distortion(THD). These specifications along with many other factors will determine the listening experience delivered.

Headphones Vs Earphones: A Comparison

  • Earphones usually rest on your outer ear when plugged into the ear canal. Whereas, headphones cover the entire ear and rest on the outer ear.
  • When analysing headphones vs earphones design, earphones are simple, easy to use, portable and lightweight than bulky headphones.
  • Headphones deliver excellent sound quality than earphones by blocking external noises.
  • Earphones are ideal for walking, running, or working out. While headphones are preferred for watching movies and playing games.
  • Headphones offer better noise cancellation features than earphones
  • Headphones provide a higher frequency response than earphones because of their bigger size.
  • Headphones are comparatively safer than earphones when audio is played in limited sound.
  • Earphones can be connected to single-ear to remain aware of the surroundings.

Popular Headphones Types

Headphones can be categorized into different types based on size, technology, design and connection. Over-ear headphones with big earpads covering the entire ear and on-ear headphones with smaller earpads resting on the ear are the most popular types of headphones. Comfort, passive isolation, sound quality and soundstage are pros of over-ear headphones. While on-ear headphones delivering stability and portability are more stable and lighter than over-ear headphones. Closed-back headphones with completely closed earcups that provide excellent passive isolation and bass response, and open-back headphones with semi or fully open earcups providing breathability, sound quality and soundstage are major types of headphones based on design.

Headphones types based on technology are:

Active-noise cancelling headphones will block surrounding noise by combining two inversely different sound waves, resulting in silence. This ANC headphone will totally eliminate the external noises.

Bone conduction headphones transmit sound waves through skull bones to the cochlea with bone conducting technology. This headphone is placed over the ear which improves stability. But, it doesn’t block your ear providing awareness.

Headsets combine headphones for audio reproduction and a built-in microphone for audio recording. This device offers long-term comfort are suitable for gaming, chatting and online meeting purposes.

Sony, JBL, BoAt, Sennheiser, Skullcandy, Noise, Beats, and Philips are some of the best headphone brands available in India.

Popular Earphones Types

Earphones also called in-ear headphones can be categorized into two based on the housing. They are earbuds and canalphones. The in-ear canalphones with comfortable, form-fitting rubber tips are available in universal sizes and it is inserted directly into the ear canal. Earbuds, that rest inside the outer ear don’t enter the ear canal directly. The noise isolation and bass offered by canalphones are much better than earbuds. Ear clip and behind the neck are other earphone types.

OnePlus, Mi, Zebronics, Apple, BoAt, Samsung, Mivi, Bose, etc… are some of the best earphone brands in India delivering high-quality audio experience at affordable pricing. The sound quality delivered, design, and the earphone fittings size will differ based on the selected model.

From this headphones vs earphones comparison, you must have identified which one will fit you best. So, are you planning to buy mobile accessories online? If yes, it is a great and perfect decision. Compare the specs of various earphone and headphone models in different platforms before making a choice.

Why are you waiting for your next purchase? Grab the best offers on earphones and headphones from trusted online stores. Choose the best model that delivers excellent sound quality with attractive and stylish designs.

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