How Can You Choose the Right Cowboy Hats? What Do You Need to Know About the Shape of the Face and Cowboy Hat Etiquettes?

Whether you’re purchasing cowboy hats for men for the first time or you’re an experienced buyer, you might be one of the many people who face problems choosing the perfect cowboy hats that will complement your personality. As the variations are countless, you must feel overwhelmed while selecting the right one. One of the best ways to determine the relevancy of a cowboy hat is by finding a shape that will complement the facial features. Once you know the correct hat size as per the size of your head, you need to consider the shape of your face to choose the perfect cowboy hat. Continue reading the article to know more.


If the shape of your face is oval, you will have opportunities to wear all cowboy hats for menIt doesn’t matter which cowboy hat you choose or which brim and crown combination you prioritize, they will always help you complement your face shape. This is why men who have an oval-shaped faces are capable of styling with any type of cowboy hat. However, make sure you consider your personality preferences. Consider choosing a taller crown as well as a medium or wide brim. You can also raise the brim slightly upwards.


Men who have round faces should choose cowboy hats that come with a slanted brim and a high crown. This is because an asymmetrical shape will help you complement your symmetrical face. Don’t choose something that comes with rounded crowns and wide brims.

You can choose Cattleman crease cowboy hats as they are perfect to complement men who have round faces.


If you have a thin and elongated face, you need to purchase cowboy hats that aren’t too tall or too short. This is because choosing something too short or tall will make the length of your face look absurd. You need to choose a crown of medium height that sits on your forehead properly. These hats will undoubtedly look good on you.

Make sure you avoid flat or short-brimmed hats that will overwhelm the extended lines of your face. Instead, you need to prioritize wide and curved brim. Consider choosing Cattleman crease cowboy hats as they will help you a lot.


A wide forehead, square jawline, and string cheekbones will look great if you choose cowboy hats with wide brims. Consider purchasing rounded cowboy hats that also come with a curved brim which will help you complement your string jawline. Even if you choose floppy cowboy hats with soft brims, they will also look great as per the shape of your face.

Don’t purchase cowboy hats that feature harsh cuts and creases. If you need customizable cowboy hats, our website should be your destination.


The heart-shaped face features a painted chin, wide cheekbones, and a broad forehead. Make sure you balance the width of your forehead with the help of a medium to the small brim for the cowboy hats. However, if you think that wide-brimmed cowboy hats will look good on you if you have a heart-shaped face, you’re mistaken. A wide brim will accentuate your broad forehead.


If your face has wide cheekbones but a narrow jawline and a short forehead, then you need to make sure you’re elongating these features. This is where medium or wide-brimmed cowboy hats for men will help you. Make sure the crown is shallow so that you can wear them further back of your head.

You should avoid choosing floppy hats that will cast an unattractive shadow on your forehead. Instead, you need to go with a Cattleman crease that comes with more angled brims.

The Cowboy Hat Etiquettes 

Even though the cowboy hats are one of the most popular fashion accessories amongst men, you should not forget about the etiquette after purchasing the cowboy hats. Remember that cowboy hats are not only expensive but also very personal. Therefore, touching someone’s hat without asking for their permission might create a negative image of you.

When Do You Need to Remove Your Cowboy Hats?

You need to know when you should remove your cowboy hats so that you can ensure you’re following the etiquette. During prayer in Church or National Anthem, you need to hold the cowboy hats in your left hand and place your right hand over your heart. When you’re being introduced to someone, especially a woman, you should remove your hat from the left hand and shake her hand with your right.

The same rule is also applicable while you’re introducing yourself to someone elderly than you. When you’re in your house, it’d be rude if you don’t remove your hats. Unless others are wearing the hats, you need to ensure your hat is removed from your head and placed on any surface.

Unlike some people who remove their cowboy hats by the brim, you need to remove your cowboy hats by the crown. This way you can not only prevent the cowboy hats from being damaged but also showcase your personality. Additionally, you also need to adjust your cowboy hats by the crown.

Choose the Proper Cowboy Hats for Relevant Season

Wearing a felt cowboy hat during the hot summer months will not only become uncomfortable but your appearance will also look silly. Felt hats will make your head hotter and might cause headaches. This is why you need to choose straw cowboy hats if you’re planning to wear them during the hot summer months. Keep in mind that the primary objective of the cowboy hats is to provide you with sun protection. As per Reid Health, sun protection is important. Therefore, make sure you choose something functional as well as able to complement your fashion sense.

Make Sure the Size is Perfect

This is one of the most important things you need to remember while purchasing cowboy hats. If you choose cowboy hats of the wrong size, they won’t fit on your head properly and you will look funny. If the hat is too big, it will be blown away by the wind. On the other hand, hats that are too small will cause discomfort.


The cowboy hats are undoubtedly the best hat choice for men. If you want to buy the best cowboy hats, you need to visit our website.

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