How Much Does a Casino Owner Make in a Year?

The CEO of a Las Vegas casino makes between 63 and 584 times what the average employee makes in a year. Here’s a look at how much these casino owners make – including their taxes and compensation for employees. Also, see how much their CEOs earn compared to other casino owners and executives. You’ll be surprised! But, before you start wishing that you had a job like a casino owner, read this article to get a good idea of what they make.

Las Vegas casino CEOs make between 63 and 584 times as much as the median employee

Recently, SEC filings have revealed that the average salary of a Las Vegas casino CEO ranges from 63 to 584 times greater than that of its median employee. Former MGM CEO Jim Murren earned $13.1 million in 2019, including $2 million in base salary and $7 million in stock awards. The median employee at MGM makes just $38,954 annually. Since then, the MGM CEO has either been laid off or has offered two-week furloughs. In addition to the massive pay gap between the CEO and the median employee, former MGM CEO Bill Hornbuckle has reduced his annual base salary to $1.1 million, reducing his salary to $11.4 million and taking his pay in restricted stock units.

Caesars CEO Tony Rodio landed the position in May 2019, and took home $4.8 million last year, compared to $37,103 for the median employee at the company. Despite the turmoil in the company, Caesars has been paying the health insurance premiums for all its employees until June 30, and has also offered to reimburse those who have returned to work.

Taxes paid by casino owners

A large percentage of all gambling revenue is taxed. Although it may look like a lot of money, you can’t ignore the tax paid by casino owners. Casinos all over the world pay taxes on gross gaming revenue. These payments are a significant part of the economic benefits of regulated gambling. Depending on the country, GGR taxes are calculated as a percentage of the net profit. The ufabet following are some of the main taxes that casino owners are required to pay.

In Nevada, hotel-casino companies are the state’s largest property taxpayers. Eight of the top ten are casino-operating companies. The largest taxpayer in the state is MGM Resorts International, with a total appraised property value of $10.2 billion. Peppermill Casinos Inc. ranked as the top tax payer in Washoe County. In the United Kingdom, taxes on gambling revenue amounted to about $1 billion in 2012.

Compensation for casino employees

The benefits of working for a casino are numerous. These employment opportunities combine glamour, excitement, and fun, and are considered among the most lucrative jobs available. You want a niche for casino of course need to Casino Niche Edit Services . The casinos are filled with people who want to test their luck, so a job in a casino is the perfect fit for these individuals. In addition to earning money, casino employees also get to meet people from all over the world. They can choose to work at any of the numerous casinos in the country, including the Caesars, Hard Rock, MGM, Wynn, and others.


While there is no set formula for calculating compensation for casino employees, it is possible to find the average salary and benefit package for those with similar job titles. On Comparably, compensation and benefits for Parx Casino employees rank in the Bottom 15% of similar sized companies. Employees with job titles such as Marketing Manager can expect to receive compensation up to $60,000 per year based on Comparably’s database. For determining compensation levels, the casino can look at how many employees it has, the job title, and the location of the position.

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