How To Train Your Cat To Ride In A Cat Stroller

If you are thinking of taking your fur baby out for a stroll and planning to use a leash to drive them safely outdoors, then you should know most kittens dislike being walked on a leash. Consider using a stroller for your cat if it refuses a leash. Feline strollers are like human baby strollers but are covered and closed fully, making it an excellent way for your feline to enjoy the outer world from a safe space. Cat strollers are expensive compared to leashes, but they are worth the money and need no training.

The most challenging thing about getting your feline to ride in a stroller is helping them be comfortable riding in it. You can do this process slowly at your cat’s pace and speed until it’s comfortable. Take things slowly without forcing something on them. Forcing them immediately inside the stroller is not advisable. Ensure you have enough safety in your stroller with safety straps or mesh screens, as there are chances of your cat pouncing out at any time. To avoid such situations and cat treatment, be careful while stepping outdoors and consider being prepared with pet insurance should something unexpected happen on the road.

Training your felines is a slow process and may take more than a week, don’t get pissed or irritated at your cat, as it may refuse to accept the stroller. While being calm and patient, keeping rewards handy for your cat will help them adapt to the stroller faster.

You can spend time outdoors with your cat once they are used to the stroller. Taking your cats outdoors twice a day at least helps stimulate their mental health and benefits their sense of sight, sound and smell.

Letting your cat enjoy fresh air and view from its stroller helps enrich and improve its well-being.

Choose your cat stroller wisely, as they will spend a lot of time in them. Look for a spacious stroller where they can sit comfortably, move around quickly, and lie down. Ensure the stroller has mesh windows at the back and sides, providing multiple spots for the cat to look out. Look out for your cat’s safety before moving them inside the stroller; all open areas are closed.

 1. Generate curiosity

Wait to place your cat into the stroller as soon as you get it. Just put it inside the house, slowly let the cat examine it, and get curious to get inside. You can make it tempting by placing rewards and treats inside the stroller so the cat tries to get in.

 2. Into the driver’s seat

After your feline has investigated the Stoller, Place them inside the stroller, but leave the mesh cover open so they can jump out wherever they want. Remember to treat your cat every time they get in the stroller, encouraging them to stay in for a more extended period.

3. Zip it up

After you notice that your cat is comfortable sitting in the stroller, it’s time to zip and close your cat inside for a short time. Keep doing this for some time. Treat your cat and encourage it to stay longer every time your cat is inside.

4. Go for practice rides.

Now that you are sure and confident that your cat is comfortable with the stroller, Go out for short rides and check for your cat’s reactions and behavior. If your feline is nervous or frightened, keep the ride brief and try again.

5. Time to move outside

Now it’s time to take your cat outside for a walk. Put your cat in a stroller, cover the zip and go for a ride. Ride your stroller slowly and observe the reaction of your cat. If they seem to enjoy it, continue the ride. Take your cats to less noisy and distracted places where other dogs aren’t out at the time. However, cats can get into a lot of trouble indoors or outdoors, so you must consider purchasing pet insurance.

6. Patience is key

Always be patient and calm with your cat while they are getting familiar with the stroller. If you show anger or frustration, the cat will connect it with the stroller and use a happy tone with the cats.

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