How to Write a Medical Student Appeal Letter and Convince Authorities

It may be hard to face a situation when you receive a notice of academic dismissal. For medical students, it might be the end of their promising careers. There may be several grounds on which a student may get dismissed from medical school such as lower grades, cheating, using inappropriate materials in exams, and academic misconduct. The university or college may decide to take disciplinary action against the student. He has the opportunity to appeal the decision of the university and he can write a letter to the authorities. You can click here to check their website now. 

Ways to write an appeal letter 

When writing a letter to the authorities, you must ensure to write it in such a manner that it sounds genuine and convincing. Some of the elements of an appeal letter are elaborated on below:

Using a proper tone of the letter

One of the most important elements of an appeal letter is the tone. You should start it by setting a personal tone. The committee is always favorable to students, who deserve a second chance. The student must give the right information in a convincing manner so that board members are sure that they are rethinking the right candidate.

Addressing the right bodies

Whenever you are writing an appeal letter, you need to make sure that you address the authority in the right manner. It is suggested to write the names because you might already know who will be dealing with in your case. It is inappropriate to write “To whom it may concern”. You can also take suggestions from your teachers or professors in this regard.

Pen down your thoughts and feelings

It is highly recommended to write in your own language and writing. Don’t make someone else write this letter for you. This is because, if you write it by yourself, it will be easier for members to figure out what you are going through. Your letter must project your feelings and thoughts.

Be honest 

It is not a good idea to lie or hide any truth behind your circumstances. If you sound honest and genuine, you are likely to receive another chance as soon as possible because the authorities never want to jeopardize someone’s career. For instance, you should give a genuine reason for the lower grades.

A medical appeal letter should explain your plans for improvement, which you are looking forward to overcoming your hurdles. This way, you can convince the university that you are serious about your studies.

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