How to Write a Successful Article in Garden Magazines?

So you love to soil your hands? Enjoy smelling freshly watered soil? Witnessing the emergence of a baby plant?

That’s a marvellous passion indeed. Gardening is a stress-buster for office workers and homemakers worldwide. To many, it’s a channel for creativity. Planting flowers and herbs, watering and fertilising them, and watching them grow is perhaps the most pleasurable feeling in the world.

Gardening is not a mindless, mundane activity. It’s a conscious endeavour and an art that improves the appearance of your plot and your mental well-being. If you are a passionate writer to boot, you can extend your expertise on gardening to newbies with how-to articles and pro tips. Why wait? Publish your articles in popular garden magazines with these simple yet enticing tips and step into the world of garden blogging.

How to Write Your First Article for a Garden Magazine

Writing a magazine article isn’t rocket science. All you have to do is put your knowledge in an easily understandable format that will encourage your readers to create their own kitchen gardens. An engaging style will increase the appeal of your article. No matter how knowledgeable you are, your article will not resonate if it’s laden with clinical terms. Without further ado, here are things you can do to make your article a hit.

Write Suggestively

Relevancy is the key to engaging content. People read articles with the intent of acquiring usable information. Gardening enthusiasts will subscribe to or buy the garden magazines to glean knowledge on useful gardening tips. They will look forward to suggestions and recommendations that can improve the health of their herbs, reduce pest infestation, or make their flowers bigger. Your article must provide sought-after information. If your writing doesn’t offer any relevant information, your readers will find it boring and unattractive.

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Frame an Attractive Title

The first thing that attracts a reader to an article is its title. All the goodness of your article will be in vain if the title is uninspiring. Grab the attention of your readers while they flip through the garden magazine with a title that is attractive and educational. It will tempt your audience by providing a glimpse of what to expect from the content. The title should be short, sweet, simple, and relevant to the article.

Use Subheadings

Reading an unbroken article is a wee bit challenging. Whether people read your article online or on glossy paper, they’ll lose patience if it is presented in long form. Break your article into sections denoted by subheadings that highlight the focus. Your readers will form an outline of the article and recall your information more easily.

Provide Colourful Photographs

This is one of the most important factors that will decide your article’s fate. Readers are attracted to high-quality photos that trigger their curiosity to read the entire article. Provide photos of your planters, colourful flowers, or healthy fruits in natural light and settings. If possible, hire a professional photographer to click and edit your photos to make them enticing.


Writing a gardening article is as enjoyable as gardening itself. You can easily get the attention and appraisal of your readers by following these simple steps and delivering in lucid language. With attractive photos and step-by-step guidance, your article can be a showstopper in no time. You might help someone find their calling and passion. Try it!

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