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Important standards that building a house must have

Building a house involves a lot of details and people involved. Therefore, it is important to establish standards related to construction. to make the production work in the same way and has standards that are acceptable to all parties to settle disputes that may arise during construction

What is the standard?

A standard is something that is regarded as a criterion for comparing quantity and quality. By the criteria in that standard is not what anyone would think of anything. But it must be a criterion that the general public accepts.

Why are standards important?

Because the construction of the house will be a matter of the budget agreed between both the employer and the contractor. Therefore, the budget paid must be related to the amount of work and the agreed quality, for example, the contract for the telesup construction of a house for 10 million baht. The standard set forth is the criterion that determines that the budget of 10 million baht, the amount of work, the scope of work and the quality that are agreed upon both Where will the two sides be?

6 essential standards that home builders must have

1. Legal standards

There are 4 legal standards for home construction:

1.1 Standards according to the Town Planning Law

Building a house is not about having land and you can build anything. but must take into account the legitimacy of the city planning law, which determines which areas can be built

For example, in Bangkok the area is divided into different colors. In each area, each color is defined as what can be constructed. Can’t build anything Some areas may be able to build houses alone. Some areas cannot build factories. Some areas are designated as agricultural areas. Or some areas may be dense non-residential areas. It also determines the height of the building, how tall can each building be built in each area.

1.2 Standards according to building control law

building control law was set up to control the safety and various sub-wing details of the building, such as recesses, window openings, fire escapes, or onlinebahisforum uncovered spaces or the size of the parts that is an element of the house Which will be determined in size and placement how to be standard and safe Therefore, to build a house requires a building permit application.

1.3 Legal standards relating to contracts

Building your own home is a business that is governed by a contract that is both agreed upon and agreed upon by both parties. between employers (Homeowner) with contractors (Home builder company) in the contract will specify that must have and must not have The details are clearly defined.

1.4 Safety statutory standards

In the construction of buildings, there must be safety controls. because the construction will be using machinery tools that may disturb nearby areas such as noise or dust Therefore, it must be controlled by various standards. to comply with the safety law

  1. Construction standards that are generally accepted by people and internationally.

2.1 Standards according to engineering sites

It is a standard related to the strength of various structures. by the Engineering Institute of Thailand which is an association that collects various standards related to construction, such as concrete standards concrete reinforcement structural strength

It is important to ensure that construction meets standards and is strong and safe both during construction and after the residence.

2.2 Standard of the Association of Siamese Architects

It is considered a finer detail of standards related to design. It is a matter of using space and determining the strength of the building. This makes it possible to use the building safely and comfortably.

2.3 Standards of the Public Works Department

It is a general standard for construction. Used for reference when building a house, such as masonry, must have lintel columns every distance, how wide and how high

3. Professional standards

To build a house, it is necessary to have a relevant professional who certifies the design used in the construction permit application, which is divided into 2 parts:

3.1 Architect Professional Standards

An architect is a building designer. with details of the usable area utility including details of the house to the standards and safety as required by law so that residents can live normally and be happy

3.2 Professional Engineering Standards

It is a standard related to the design and control of work in accordance with the strength engineering principles. such as calculating the structural design, dimensions, materials and details related to the overall structure of the house.

4. Standards according to the contract

house construction In addition to regulating standards according to the law There is also a standard contractual control that is an agreement between the employer and the contractor. with details that can be accepted by both parties Divided into different parts:

4.1 Format

The construction of a standard house must have a construction drawing as a guideline for the construction style in matters related to the scope of work. and the construction process of various parts such as window-door height sizes Common area size


Determines about the material to be used, such as type, brand, model, size, color, because different material specs affect the cost of construction costs. Therefore, specifying the Spec will make the construction of the house according to the agreement. If the contract is deviated from the agreement, it will be deemed that it is not in accordance with the contract standard.

4.3 items

In the construction contract, in addition to the form and specification, the construction list must be specified. which determines the details of the steps in detail from the beginning to the end of the construction operation

5. Standards according to the level of the industry

The industry standard in the home builder business does not have clear requirements. but will be mainly based on customer satisfaction Unlike the standard in other businesses such as hotels, which have a star rating. and has a detailed set to divide the criteria for each star level

In the home building business In addition to adhering to customer satisfaction It also links to the standard of service and the level of construction cost that each company has different.

6. Standards in accordance with the materials used

specification of the materials used in the construction of the house that kind of material There will be finer details about the material properties and how to use requirements. installation method It is divided into sub-standards as follows:

6.1 Standards of material quality TIS.

(Industrial Product Standards) is a standard that is an academic requirement. As a guideline for manufacturers to use in controlling the production of quality products at the level most suitable for use If that material passes TIS, it is considered acceptable standard.

6.2 Material properties suitable for the type of work

It is a standard that defines what kind of material is used, how it is used, and what kind of work it is used for, such as defining materials for home use. But if it is used outside will be considered in violation of the intended use and is not standardized according to the properties of that material

6.3 Installation standards of materials

In the production of various materials, the manufacturer will have to test the ability to use, such as support for compression. or moisture resistance The material properties, usage and installation methods are clearly defined. For more information visit this site: india songs

Building a house is a matter of concern in many different areas if the homeowner has studied the information carefully. will be understood in steps and talking to people working in different parts correctly will understand the same with various standards The above is a construction guideline and requirements for the standard house built. Suitable for safe living news hunt

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