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International Art: What Can You Find in Sydney?

Australia is not really a big art market like New York or London, but the international artists that are available here are just as good if not better than those in other countries. Meanwhile, the Australian city of Sydney is famous for the Opera House and is an international tourist destination. So besides the ever-famous Bondi beach, the city is also famous for housing the Art Gallery of New South Wales. As such, you can buy international artists’ pieces of work through an art auction in Sydney at a reasonable price. They come with certificates of authenticity, and the artworks are shipped to you via courier or post. In the meantime, the seller is reliable, so you will likely receive your piece in perfect condition. And you can find a range of international art for sale, including:

  • Abstract paintings
  • Paintings that depict African wildlife
  • Original watercolour paintings

International Art for Sale

Sydney is a great place to find work from all over the world. It has pieces from Australia, New Zealand and Asia as well as Europe and America. The artworks are all created by different artists and come in different mediums, including sculpture, painting and photography. Meanwhile, the periods range from ancient to contemporary, while some of these pieces have been inspired by classical art styles such as realism or impressionism but with a modern twist!

Representation to International Art

An international artist is one who creates art that is not only confined to Australia. And international artists are well represented in many Australian galleries (online and offline) and auction houses. Many countries have unique art styles, which means that it’s essential to understand what kind of art best suits your tastes before purchasing anything. So if you’d like more information about buying international art in Sydney or any other aspect of the process, you may contact a seller.

The Charm of Local Artwork

The market for the art auction in Sydney is strong for Australian art and Aboriginal works of art. The Sydney Art Market Report 2018, compiled by Artnet, shows that the number of lots sold in Australia hit record highs in the last six months of 2018.

The report also reveals that the overall value of Australian art sales at auctions reached $128 million, an increase of 26% on 2017’s figures. This demonstrates that interest in Australian artists proliferates within both the private and public sectors.

The Current State of the Market

Auctioneers say it is always tricky to predict the market for contemporary art. “Don’t know” is the most common response an auction house gives when asked about the current state of the market. The fact that art is subjective and it’s impossible to predict which pieces will be popular in a given year makes it difficult for auctioneers to gauge demand. Art can also be a luxury item, so people generally don’t buy art with money they don’t have; instead, they might buy it as a long-term investment or as something that will increase in value over time.

And as a matter of fact, the art market is unpredictable. For example, you never know what the results of an auction will be. What kind of artwork will sell for how much? Who is going to buy it and what will they do with it? How many people are going to bid on a particular piece? These questions remain unanswered until after work has been sold at auction. But many art galleries are trying to overcome just this by building a relationship of trust with clients as much as they’re trying to do the same with artists.

It’s a great idea to buy your art from Sydney; it will not only be unique, but you’ll also be able to find pieces that are not available elsewhere around Australia. So if you’re an artist looking for international buyers or an enthusiast looking for something different than what’s currently on the market, then keep this in mind when purchasing artwork online!

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