Interstate Removalists: What Exactly Are You Paying For?

Moving is a significant event. It involves time, money, and energy. Money is often one of the most important considerations because it’s expensive to move between cities. You might have already spoken to interstate removalists and asked for a quotation. But rumour has it, when you get the final bill, you find out you must dish out more money than initially agreed upon. So what costs can you expect to pay?

Average Cost of Moving Interstate

Service Charges

Some removalists might give you a fixed charge. This is a fixed rate, irrespective of how long you need their services.

Hourly Charges

Alternatively, some charge on an hourly basis. They have a base price in addition to each hour you use their services. The tricky part is that you’re charged for a whole hour, even if they have worked only for a few minutes. Some movers might be more understanding, though.

What Determines the Price?


Moving to the next state uses fewer resources than moving across the country. Interstate removalists usually charge based on locations. However, going to rural or more remote areas also costs more.


It’s easier moving in the spring than in the rain, isn’t it? Therefore, in harsh weather, you will be charged more. Remember, you’re paying for the labour done by your fellow humans.


Whether you choose to transport your things by water, rail, or road, since the cost differs, the price will too. Intuitively, you might think that roads would cost less, but considering the geographical composition of the continent, it seems that water can cost less in some cases.


Of course, the weight of your things can greatly affect how much you are charged. But consider that if you have more things, it requires more labour. Each item is packed, loaded, adjusted, and unloaded individually. This takes up more time, and time is money.

Handling Services

Are you going to pack your things into boxes yourself? Will you bring them down from your apartment, ready to be loaded onto the truck? Asking interstate removalists to perform these services for you costs more. Upside? They’ve done it a million times before. They can probably pack them in safer and more convenient ways.


If you want the moving to be completed within a short period, this express service, like in any other sector, requires some big bucks.

Some other invariable services customers pay for when hiring an interstate removalist are:

Customer Support

Some movers might cost less if they’re newbies. Likely, they don’t have great customer support, though. In case of delays or loss, you’ll be very frustrated if they’re not up to the mark.

Warranties or Insurance

It’s a good idea to use a service that offers warranties. If you’re moving delicate or expensive items, paying a little extra for insurance is better than losing a sentimental piece.

Payment Options

Since moving can be an expensive deal, some movers allow you the option of paying in instalments. But, of course, this comes with extra interest.

Long Carry Charges

What are these? When the movers have to carry the load with their hands over long distances, you are charged a long carry charge. The company might not tell you about this until the bill arrives.

Appliances or Assembly/Disassembly Charges

Unplugging appliances and plugging them again needs time. Furniture that has to be disassembled also requires more labour. These are some apparent charges you should expect to pay.

Final Words

Interstate moving can be expensive, but the right company can take the load off your hands. Ultimately, building a home away from home will be made easy.

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