jaw botox injection to solve the problem of big face

Nowadays, it is not difficult to adjust the shape of the face to be slender anymore. because there are many ways Several techniques can solve the problem Effectively big face whether surgery or surgery Using a face lift tool or even injections to adjust the shape of the face.

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By the way, the most popular method is probably the jaw botox injection because it is a simple method, but the results are fast and clear. Not everyone will have Botox injections and see results. slimmer face Because each person’s face shape is different. So let’s see if Botox injections to reduce jawline and slender face are most suitable and answer the question for whom?

Cause of front problems

– Caused by muscles : Most of us have a problem with the face. Big pages are from this cause. Because in everyday life, we always have to chew food. The more sticky, hard food, especially those who like to chew gum on a regular basis. It will make the muscles around the jaw work harder. until more solid which results in a face to look bigger

– Caused by fat: people who like to eat fried food, oil, flour, sugar regularly. causing weight gain and has accumulated fat around the face frame more wattle As a result, the face looks bigger and swollen.

– Born from bones : Most of them are inherited from family members. with a larger than normal jawbone structure The reason for this will be from birth. This can cause some people to have a big problem with a crooked face as well.

Botox for jaw problems

Botox injections Botox can help shape the face to be slimmer. However, the front problem Our big face must come from the cause of ‘muscle’ only to see effective results. Because the working principle of Botox will act on the muscles itself.

The doctor will use botulinum toxin A into the muscles around the jaw. or the part that needs to be solved which the drug will act to make the muscles in the injection part weak and less movement When the muscles are not moving From being hard to large, it will begin to soften and gradually become smaller in the end. As a result, our faces are slender and look more V-shape.

Before injecting Botox, the doctor will assess the problem on our face first to see what causes it. How many units should be used appropriately? for adjusting the shape of each person’s face Therefore, to ensure safety and injecting Botox with good results. Naturally slender face Before injecting should decide Study the information well beforehand. whether the credibility of the clinic product quality used tools Including the doctor must have experience and expertise

How many days for jaw botox to see results?

After the injection of botox in the jaw will begin to see the results of a slimmer face Within about 4-7 days, the muscles around the jaw or the front frame will gradually soften and collapse according to the action of Botulinum Toxin Type A. When we bite our teeth and try to feel the jaw area, it will not be as hard as before. The results will be clearly more and more effective after about 1 month and will last for about 6-8 months before the Botox substance will gradually disintegrate. Does not leave any residue in the body

Although Botox injections, the results are not permanent. But we can come back to inject it repeatedly to maintain a slender face continually. However, Botox injections should not be injected too often. because it may cause botox resistance causing the subsequent injections to be ineffective Therefore, we should refrain from injecting Botox for about 3-4 months/time.

Where is the jaw botox?

Botox injections Botox may seem like a simple way to reshape your face, but it’s safe. no subsequent side effects We should learn about Botox injections. And choose to look at the reviews of each clinic first. If you ask where is the best place for jaw botox, we have a method for choosing a clinic to recommend as follows:

– Choose a reliable clinic : The clinic has a standard, not crowded, clean, safe, modern tools or equipment, including before and after service is very important as well. can give advice Quickly and conveniently answer your questions

– There is a specialist doctor : can accurately assess the problem on our face. treatment plan including injecting at the precise point in a position that must be corrected Therefore, it is very important for a doctor to provide quality and safe results.

– Use quality botox : can check before injection Therefore, before injecting Botox We should study the information to see the real Botox first. When it’s time to inject, it will be able to check the wipe properly.

jaw botox injections It is the best helper. For people who have problems with the face. large face formed by muscles It can help to adjust the face shape to be smaller, slimmer face, see results.

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