Latest Gold Jewellery Designs: Tips to Select the Best Mangalsutra for Yourself

A gold mangalsutra is the most precious piece of jewellery for every bride which she cherishes her entire life. With the changing trend, as few brides prefer various new simple designs that are easy to carry and can match all types of attire, many still love to wear their traditional mangal sutra designs. Recently, many Bollywood actresses got married and they started a trend of wearing delicate and simple looking mangal sutra designs.

Just like the trend of the bride’s beautiful attire changes every year, mangalsutra designs are also upgraded various latest designs and confuses the newlywed which one to select for her special day. If you consider the below-mentioned points before buying a gold mangalsutra, you may get the perfect one for yourself.

  1. Fixing the Budget: Among various designs, it is quite confusing to select the best one. But if you fix the budget, it becomes easier to make the choices. You will get various beautiful designs in the market and many of them with expensive stonework, cuts, and designs that will go above the budget. Fixing the budget will make things easier for the bride and her in-laws.
  2. Selecting Metal of Your Choice: As the trends and styles are upgraded in jewellery designs as well, the bride doesn’t need to select only gold mangal sutra. Although gold jewellery is always the first choice of every bride now, she has many other options of platinum, rose gold, white gold, diamond, etc. that she may like.
  3. Length of the Mangalsutra: Many times, while buying a mangalsutra, the girl does not pay attention to the length and ends up buying either a long one or a very short one. The length is a very important factor when buying one as you cannot daily work in a kitchen wearing a long mangal sutra, nor you can wear a short one on any attire. It is difficult to handle long mangalsutra in daily routine, it gets tangled and is more prone to breakage. On the other hand, a small-sized mangalsutra feels like a trap in the neck and is very uncomfortable to wear in a daily routine. So, while choosing a mangal sutra, always pay attention to its length.
  4. Pendant Design: In various cultures, pendant designs are fixed but if you are going to the latest trend, always go for light-weight pendant sets. When you wear mangal sutra in your daily routine, it is always suggested to buy a lightweight pendant design as it is easy to carry and can be easily worn with any attire. But you cannot wear the same for the parties. Always buy an eye-catchy, beautifully designed, heavy-looking pendant set for parties.
  5. Buy Hallmarked Jewellery: It is always suggested to buy hallmarked jewelry from the authentic jewelers as hallmarked jewelry states the purity of gold used in making the article. It also tells about the durability and genuineness of the mangal sutra.

Gold Mangalsutra is very precious for every bride and it should be selected wisely so that it can be worn easily in daily routine.

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