The Best Griddle for Your Favourite Meals by BBQs 2 U

BBQs 2u is well known for all barbeque users. This is a family business that is passionate about all barbeques and has a great deal of grilling knowledge. They sell the topmost brand products like the Kamado Joe BBQs, Masterbuilt Gravity BBQs, and Ooni Pizza as well as the best brand accessories. You can be assured to get the best customer service support from them.

About Blackstone Company

Blackstone is a company that wanted to make the cooking experience fun for large groups or families. Their products are engineered and designed in the USA with the latest technology and innovations. The main idea behind their work is that they want their customers to get the best quality product that can give the best results.

About Blackstone Original 28in Griddle with Hood

This 28” Griddle with Hood has about 34,000 BTUs of searing heat. This will enable you to cook any kind of food that you like. You got the two independent cooking zones which can help you cook everything to the fullest potential. They also have a hood that will cover your griddle protecting it from outside elements. Also, it got basting that will help steam so that your food is cooked evenly.

More About This Item

  • This will make camping anywhere a delicious affair. It is an ideal for camping, road trips, backyard grilling sessions and any other outdoor activities where you will have to cook food.
  • You got two side shelves that can be a prep station for giving you space for dicing veggies, seasoning etc.
  • You got a large cooking surface where you can cook for multiple people at once.
  • They got an innovative grease management system were cleaning up the tedious stuff can become quite easier
  • It has a heavy gauge and sturdy metal construction that makes it perfect for the griddle for outdoor use, but it also adds to the griddle’s outstanding and even heat distribution.

Why Buy It from The BBQs 2u?

You can be confident and peaceful enough to buy this product from BBQs 2u. They have been selling such products since 2002. You can buy the product at a 0% interest rate which means pay in 3 parts in 3 months. You will get a 2-year warranty and free delivery all over the UK.

This is a pre-order product that is available in Jan 2023. So, you can pre-book and get it at a

good price.

The latest product innovation bought up by Blackstone is the Air Fryer.

This Air Fryer allows you to bake, sear, roast, sauté and Air fry anything that you wish to eat. This has made cooking easier by making the simplest of more satisfying meals.

This is big enough to make meals for a large group of people together. There are two side shelves and a magnetic strip for griddling accessories. It got a hood that will retain the heat with a patent rear grease management system. This makes it mess-free and easy to be cleaned.

To order the products, just log in to the website of BBQs 2u and get special offers at a great price.

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