The Best Solar Power Bank and Solar Portable Charging Station

There are several different types of solar power banks and solar portable charging stations. We’ll look at the Growjaa Solar Powerbank, the Nektek Solar Charger, the X-Dragon, and the Goal Zero Nomad 5. Which of these models is the best? Read on to find out! And remember, if you’re unsure about which one to choose, make sure to check out our Solar Power Bank Guide!

Growjaa Solar Powerbank

The Growjaa Solar Powerbank – solar portable charger is a versatile and highly portable solar power station. It has a capacity of 20,000 mAh and can charge a variety of smaller and larger devices multiple times. Most Qi-enabled smartphones can be charged with the Growjaa power bank four to five times. It can even fully charge a 13-inch MacBook Pro. And because of its battery capability, you can recharge it in as little as thirteen hours.

The Growjaa Solar Powerbank is a convenient solar charging station that can charge a cell phone 12 times. It has a sleek design and weighs only ten ounces. It has a small solar panel and does not provide optimal sunlight conditions, but it’s a great backup power source when you’re on the go. The solar portable charging station is fully recharged when connected to a power outlet.

Nektek Solar Charger

The Nektek Solar Charger is a 21-watt portable solar power bank that features high-quality solar panels with an efficiency of 21% to 24 percent. Its dual USB ports allow you to charge two devices at the same time. The charger has a smart IC chip that intelligently handles power delivery, optimizing the charging speed to keep the battery charge at a high rate. It is lightweight, water-resistant, and compact.

This portable solar power bank is ideal for solo travelers who need to keep their phone charged during the day. The unit has dual USB ports, allowing you to charge two devices at once. The solar panels are designed for a maximum output current of 3 Amps, so they’re most effective if you use the power bank first before your phone. Then, charge the other device. You can use the second device to charge your phone and the other one when the sun isn’t shining.


The X-Dragon 70w solar power panel is capable of generating enough electricity to charge two devices at the same time. The panels are coated with an industrial-grade polymer, PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), and are resistant to corrosion, weather, and high temperatures. The X-Dragon 70w solar panel is a bit more powerful than its 40w counterpart, and comes with a carrying handle.

The X-Dragon 40W solar panel is not the smallest, but it is sufficient to charge your laptop’s battery and is a good choice for smaller tasks. Combined with the battery, the X-Dragon costs a few benjamins, but it performs admirably. And with the included battery, you can charge multiple devices at once.

Goal Zero Nomad 5

The Nomad 5 Solar Kit and Flip 12 have two key features: the lightest weight power bank and a built-in solar panel. Both of these features combine to make this the ideal tool to charge small USB powered devices, wherever you may be. A built-in kick stand allows you to position the panel at several angles for optimal solar collection. You can even use the kick stand to hold the solar panel over a window to collect even more sunlight.

This lightweight and compact solar panel has a built-in power bank dock and mounting kickstand for easy mounting. The nomad 5 weighs just 12.7 ounces, making it easy to carry anywhere you go. It can be attached to your backpack or set on the ground at base camp for maximum solar collection. This is a good option for hiking or camping. The kickstand is adjustable and works well with most outdoor activity, including camping, hiking, or biking.


The SOARAISE solar power bank and portable charging stations will keep your gadgets powered up. It holds a lot of juice, so your phones will always stay charged. The two different versions have different features and advantages. The SOARAISE Solar Power Bank is designed to hold more juice than the Balvor, and it can charge three devices at once. The Balvor is more rugged and durable, while the SOARAISE is designed to hold a lot of juice.

This solar charger features a massive 25000mAh battery pack, which can charge an iPhone 7 ten times or two tablets 3.4 times. It also has four separate 5-Watt solar panels, making it a faster charger than conventional single panel models. The SOARAISE Solar Charger also has a built-in flashlight with multiple lighting modes. Moreover, it has a 2.1A dual USB port that can charge your smartphone and the portable charging station at the same time.

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