The Best Suburbs of Philadelphia to Settle Down In

Philadelphia is a city full of art, music, and culture: it’s the perfect place to settle down.  Whether you’re eager to start a family, or you’re tired of moving, and you want to grow roots, you’ll find something in this amazing city that inspires you.

These are the best suburbs in Philadelphia, and why anyone would be lucky to live here.

Why Philadelphia?

If you’re ready to move and finally settle down, there’s no better place for this than Philadelphia!  A mix of small-town charm with big-city amenities, and a low cost of living, ensure that anyone can feel comfortably at home here.  Steeped deeply in the history of this nation, if you raise a family here, you can rest assured that your kids will have plenty of opportunities to learn about the nation from a large assortment of viewpoints.

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Philly is an iconic city, and anyone who lives here is lucky to call it home.  These are the top suburbs to get to know when considering your move!


You’ll never find more beautiful Philadelphia houses for sale than the ones you find in the Devon area.  This suburb has fantastic, spacious properties, some of the best bars and restaurants, and great community vibes.  Tightly-knit, this suburb is excited to show newcomers the art of hospitality and get to know the others in the area.  Unfortunately, this area is expensive, with an average median income of over $150,000 a year: but if you can afford it, this area is paradise.

Blue Bell

If you’re single and want to party, this isn’t the neighborhood for you.  Blue Bell is one of the most influential areas in the suburbs and offers a great location to raise a family and start to grow deep roots.  The food and entertainment here are higher class, elevating pizza to new heights and cutting out the flavor of cardboard from experience.  This is another pricey location, but you can enjoy far more with the costs here.


The most affordable area on this list, Wyncote, allows you to enjoy anything from modern buildings to more historical options that ensure you can get the aesthetic you want.  The home prices are far easier to reach, and many view this as a great starter home area.  When you buy a property here, it’s guaranteed to grow and gain value over time, so it’s a great place Linen pyjamas to buy in as soon as possible.

Bryn Mawr

Home to Bryn Mawr College (where Katherine Hepburn went to school), this area has a college-town vibe that doesn’t go away when the summer arrives.  This area will keep you feeling younger while also giving you the opportunity to offer a great neighborhood for your growing family when it’s just starting out!

You Can Find Your Dream Home Here

Whether you’re from Philadelphia or you’re creating a new space for yourself here, this city has a lot to offer anyone who wants it.  Consider getting to know these great suburbs, and you’ll fall in love with this amazing city too.

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