The Pros Of 5 Best Candle Molds

Although candle-making can be a great hobby, most people find that it is also a lucrative business. You will be noticed by visitors if your room is filled with beautiful candles. Once word spreads that you hand-made the candles, you might find yourself filling orders for friends. It is easy to get started in candle-making. The majority of the equipment and tools are available at home. If your business grows, you might consider investing in some of the candle-making molds available.

They are essential for candle-making supplies and come in many sizes and shapes. The quality of the candle is not only dependent on its wax content. A candle mold is an important part of the candle’s design.

This article will discuss the various Candle Molds and the pros so you can choose the best one for your candles.

Aluminum Candle Molds

There are many types of candle-making molds. You will find the right one for you. The aluminum mold is one option. The aluminum mold has many advantages, including a fast and easy clean-up. These molds are ideal if you want to make candles that have smooth surfaces. These molds are extremely durable.

The aluminum mold has one drawback. As mentioned, these molds are extremely durable and not very flexible. This can be a problem when the time comes to remove the candle from its mold. After the candle wax has cooled, and hardened, you may need a releasing agent. This isn’t a problem and it is usually worth the extra effort to get the candles finished.

Plastic Candle Molds

The plastic mold is another popular mold for candle making, especially among those just starting. They are also easy to clean and provide less resistance once the finished candle is taken out of the mold. These molds can be great for hobbyists but may not be the best investment if your goal is to open a candle-making company.

Because of their flexibility, these molds won’t last a long time. Plastic also tends to become brittle with time. This is not a problem for many candle makers, as the ease of using the molds exceeds the cost to replace them when needed.

Glass Candle Molds

Glass molds can be very useful, especially if your hobby is making gel candles. The glass mold cools quickly and the candle can be easily removed from it, unlike the metal mold. They don’t require you to visit a craft shop to locate them. You can also use any glass container you have at home, like wine glasses or glass jars. This type is extremely fragile and may crack or explode when exposed to excessive heat.

Silicone Candle Molds

Popular molds made from silicone and polyurethane is also available. The silicone rubber molds are preferred by many candle-makers because the polyurethane can sometimes leave a strong, unpleasant odor on the candle’s surface. The polyurethane mold needs a releasing agent. It will not stretch and make it difficult to remove the candles from the mold. The silicone candle-making molds can be a bit more expensive but many people choose to use them because they don’t require any releasing agents, which make them much easier to use.

Rubber Candle Molds

There are many types of rubber candle molds. These materials include silicone, latex, and polyurethane. These molds are becoming increasingly popular; however, they are more costly. Rubber molds can be used to make many different designs. The rubber mold can be removed easily from the candle, unlike metal ones. It is flexible so be careful when you pour hot wax into it. It could become discolored. It can also wear down faster.

These are only a few of many candle-making molds available. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages but you’ll find the right one for you.

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