The seven things you need to pass the PMI-ACP exam

In this article, we share some of the vital information that helps you to pass the PMI-ACP examination. We cover the eligibility criteria, Modes, Band & questions type. It includes the seven-step guides that help you to deal with this examination at one go!

Most of the applicants get lost with the overload of information. That is the reason for us to come up & help you with the best strategies to apply in the ACP exam. We recommend these seven steps to all the ACP aspirants and not to miss any of the steps.

Be Familiar with the certification.

First thing first, we start with the familiarity of the certification. To supplement your pursuit, we want you to check out the PMI-ACP overview as well as the FAQ. It gives you clarity about the examination in a nutshell. But above all, we recommend every applicant to go through the “Credential Handbook.” Going through, we mean not just scanning & moving away. You need to invest some time with it, as this document is of paramount importance.

Apart from this, it would help if you observed the exam content outline. We found in our observation that the PMI-ACP exam follows a Toolkit approach & this toolkit has separate; ” knowledge & Skills,” “Tools & Techniques” set for each domain. You also notice that out of seven domain areas, the first four namely:

  • Agile Principles & Mindset-16%
  • Value-driven Delivery-20%
  • Stakeholder Engagement-17%
  • Team Performance-16%

Hold 69% of the exam weightage. Now you are pretty much clear where to focus the most! It would be best if you started your quest by studying these two documents, even before starting with any preparation.

 Get started with your preparation.

The obvious point is to make a plan as a project manager after getting all the information needed at your disposal. And the question arises for choosing your study material. But before everything, you can download the list of reference materials from the PMI portal. There are plenty of Prep reference materials like “Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great.” By Esther Derby, Diana Larsen, Ken Schwaber. Further, you can have the “Agile Software Development: The Cooperative Game-2nd Edition” by Alistair Cockburn.

Contact hours

The prerequisite is of 21 contact study hours of formal training from an accredited training center.

Finalize your preparation

Take your time to study; it’s not as much as PMP. But there is a lot in ACP. Get yourself a PMI-ACP Exam Prep by “Christopher Scordo.” Just be aware of outdated material, so do not commit to any institution for your Simulation test until & unless you make sure they follow the recent guidelines & have the newness in their simulation questions. Do not take free simulations tests, as it is to fail you at your first attempt so that they could offer you their paid simulations.

The modes 

There are two modes of exams available in the PMI ACP certification exam. You get CBT or computer-based tests as well as PBT or paper-based test options. Though both the methods have their uniqueness, it all depends upon you which options to take. If you are comfortable with the Paper-based test, then you must go for it. It helps you save some time as the CBT has an exam tutorial of 15 mins which you can skip. If you don’t want these types of distractions & purely focus on your exam, then you should go for the PBT.


There is no passing percentage for the PMI-ACP exam; it has always been a mystery surrounding this exam. But experts assume that securing 70% lets you through the exam. Above all, the four indicators or Bands that reflects your performance, namely:

  • Need Improvement
  • Below Target
  • Target
  • Above Target

The first two indicators demarcate that you have failed the exam, while the last two indicate that you have passed the examination by Sprintzeal.


We would recommend you two books that are quintessential for your preparation.

PMI Agile Practice Guide: this book is an official reference that provides you with a snapshot of what Agile is & provides you with a modern outlook towards Agile.

Mike Griffiths ACP Handbook 2nd edition onwards: This book gives you the breadth and depth of the Agile mindset & its practices. This book is quite lengthy, so you have to spare consistent hours & must start at least two months before your exam date. Make sure that you spare at least two hours each day in reading and making notes out of these two books. If you want to find out the world breaking news so you should visit And the another thing is that you have to go into to get the best news around the world.

In addition, the is also the best news portal where you can get the most popular news. 

The practice questions

It would be best if you got a subscription to Joseph Philips from Udemy. However, these questions are not identical but are enough to provide you with the cadence & velocity you wanted to validate after self-study and Contact hours.

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