Things to see in Podgorica

If you ask a person who has never been fond of seasonal tourism what the capital of Montenegro is called, he is unlikely to answer. Nevertheless, the name of this city is not very well known to ordinary residents. However, anyone who has ever visited a Balkan country on the Montenegrin coast of the Adriatic Sea will immediately answer this question. After all, Podgorica is not only the capital city of Montenegro, it is also one of the most frequently visited places by tourists.

Sights of Podgorica

Podgorica is one of the most ancient settlements in Southern Europe. Archaeological excavations have shown that for the first time, a settlement on the site of the future capital stood here in the Stone Age. Due to its favorable location, the settlement, which has changed its name more than once over the centuries, has always remained an important economic center of the entire region.

Podgorica received its modern name at the beginning of the 14th century. It comes from the name of the steep hill Gorica, at the foot of which the city itself is located. As for the capital status, it was given to Podgorica only in 1949.

Tourists come to Podgorica not only as the capital of the country, but also to get acquainted with its many attractions. And there are enough of them in the city. It is worth listing just a few.

Car rental in Podgorica

The most popular airport in Montenegro is the international airport TDG, known as Golubovci airport between travelers. Around a million travelers land every year at Podgorica airport. These travelers decided to spend their vacation in Montenegro mainly because of the nice weather, beaches, and mountains.

Optionally, you can land in Montenegro at the second airport in Tivat, however, Podgorica airport has better equipment, and terminals and most of the airlines land in Podgorica due to better conditions for their airplanes.

A rental car in Podgorica allows you to arrange an interesting and varied vacation, visiting many beautiful places at a bargain price, because in every small town in Montenegro there are cozy inexpensive hotels and cafés for tourists. Rent a car in Montenegro is very popular, because it is much cheaper than renting a car in Croatia, which is only a few hours from Montenegro. So, we highly recommend renting a car in Podgorica or airport if you are visiting Podgorica and nearby areas. Or if you wish to go to beaches in south of Montenegro (just 40-min drive from capital).

Cathedral Church of the Resurrection of Christ

Its Neo-Byzantine style is in many ways unique to the city. The temple is new, the construction of the temple began in 1993, and the Church of the Holy Apostles once stood in its place. Patriarch of All Russia Alexei II came here and laid the first brick for its construction. It was built for more than 20 years and in 2014 it was opened for visiting pilgrims. Today, the temple is a kind of legacy of ancient Montenegrin Orthodoxy. Tourists are attracted not only by the decoration of the temple itself, but also by the bell tower, where a unique bell weighing 11 tons is installed. Here you can not only admire the temple frescoes and architectural merits, but also pray during the service.

Bridge on Ribnica

The Ribnica River, which is not too wide, flows near the city, which is crossed by a bridge built in the 16th century. It is called the Old Bridge, and the peculiarity of this building is a peculiar tradition – it is on it that couples in love swear eternal fidelity to each other. In previous centuries, the bridge led travelers to a small church, of which only ruins remain today.

Millennium Bridge

It was built relatively recently – in 2005, but has already become a landmark of Podgorica. This bridge connected two parts of the city – the old and the new. From the Millennium, tourists usually admire the panorama of the entire city, and the bridge itself is amazingly beautiful when illuminated in the evening. The emerald-colored mountain river Moraca crosses the bridge, which flows from the canyon of the Moraca River, past the Moraca Monastery and flows into Lake Skadar. The construction of the bridge was sponsored by Elena Baturina.

Monument to the poet Vladimir Vysotsky

It is another link between Montenegro and Russia and proves our common cultural heritage with its existence. The monument was erected in 2004 by a Russian sculptor. Vysotsky repeatedly came to Yugoslavia, especially loved Belgrade, and came to Montenegro to rest. Many poems and songs were written by him here. You will see not only the very figure of the poet and actor, but also lines from his poems, presented here in two languages ​​at once.

Bukumir Lake

Enough in the vicinity of Podgorica and natural attractions. These include Bukumir Lake, round in shape and deep enough – up to 17 meters. Legends say that dragons once lived in this lake, and someone believes that they live here today. This lake is considered one of the cleanest in Montenegro. It’s located near Natioanl park of Prokletije.

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