Tips to Launch Your First Influencer Marketing Campaign

Whether you are already running any marketing campaign or not, you are new to influencer marketing. That’s a significant turning point in your marketing strategy that can do wonders, but only if you plan your influencer marketing campaign smartly and put your best efforts into turning your first influencer marketing plan into a grand success for your business.

Don’t worry; if it’s your first time, we are here to help you with the right and practical tips that will let you create the right marketing campaign and make your first influencer marketing campaign successful.

Know Your Audience: Knowing your audience is important to ensure your influencer marketing efforts are working perfectly and reaching the right audience. The right way to find your target audience is Google Analytics, a free tool that gives you deep-down information about your audience demographics. It gives you the maximum possible details, including their age, location, language, browser, etc. In short, you can find out as much as possible to understand your audience and hence build the same for influencer marketing.

Selection of an influencer with the same audience base is a must when you are putting your money for the first time.

Know Your Goal: The biggest mistake first-time influencer marketers make is working without a goal. Every effort you make in digital marketing relies on a goal. Your efforts are afterward evaluated to analyze whether it serves your goal or not.

Hence, before you proceed to the next step of influencer search, finding your goal is crucial. Common goals small businesses consider are increased traffic, brand awareness, sales, etc. However, you might have other goals based on your business needs.

You must know the goal alongside the KPI that will matter in evaluating the results and calculating the ROI.

Give Time in Influencer Search: Even being your first time in influencer marketing, you must give time to finding the right influencer for your first marketing campaign. There are countless genuine and fake influencers that can complicate your research. Here are some points to consider

  • Number of followers
  • Engagement rate (The most crucial point to consider)
  • Frequency of social posting
  • Average post engagement

It might be tough for you to get detailed information about all influencers based on the above-mentioned points. Hence, you can use third-party tools to do this for you and list the top rankers you can consider for the next step.

Track Your Results: Once you have worked hard with the influencer, it’s time to find out the worth of your efforts. Yes, it’s crucial to evaluate how your hard work paid off. The KPIs will differ based on your goal.

E.g., if your goal is sales or traffic, Google Analytics can help you track the data via UTM. You can consider the data in GA to find out whether you were able to reach the right audience (as expected) and achieve your goal. If not, you can also evaluate what does not work for your business.

Moreover, post-engagement can help you a lot if your goal is brand awareness.

All these tips will help you create the right marketing campaign and get fruitful results.

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