Top 10 DIYs For Toddlers This Christmas

Christmas is a magical time for young children. The sights, sounds and activities are enough to make their little hearts grow three sizes. If your child is finally discovering the joy of the season, you can add to the experience by getting them involved in age-appropriate crafts. Start by checking out these top 10 Christmas crafts for toddlers.

Tin Can Christmas Tree

This is a great opportunity to turn your tin cans into holiday decor. All you need to do is remove the sharp edges and paint the cans green. Next, you want to stack two or three cans for your child. Let your child use items such as pom poms, bows and holiday-themed magnets to decorate their little Christmas tree.

Snowflaked-Stamped Gift Bags

Why not ask your little one to help you make gift bags for the family? Your toddler can use snowflake ink stamps to decorate white or brown paper bags. Use these handmade gift bags for small items ranging from holiday candy to gift cards to Steelers Christmas ornaments.

Bead and Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

Using pony beads and pipe cleaners to create ornaments is an easy craft for toddlers. While you may need to get them started, toddlers can easily slide the pony beads onto the pipe cleaners. This holiday craft is a great way to improve their hand-eye coordination. Finish it off with a ribbon at the top for easy decorating.

Christmas Coloring Sheets

Christmas coloring sheets are always a great idea for toddlers. You can print the coloring sheets from websites or purchase holiday coloring books. The only other item you need to provide for your toddler is a box of crayons. The best part is you can stock up on coloring sheets and books to keep on hand throughout the season.

Christmas Tree Thumbprints

If your toddler enjoys finger painting, they may enjoy creating a thumbprint Christmas tree. Start by drawing or printing out a Christmas tree for your child to decorate, and allow your child to use their thumbprints to decorate the tree. They can add thumbprints around the tree or on the tree itself.

Paper Plate Ornament Craft

How would you like to decorate with ornaments that cannot be broken? With a paper plate, pieces of round confetti or tissue paper and a glue stick, your toddler can create a beautiful, unbreakable ornament. You can even help them add an ornament cap and ribbon to the top of their creation for easy decorating.

Winter Tree Cork Painting

Here is another great idea for Christmas tree crafts for toddlers. You can start by drawing a Christmas tree for your toddler. Next, let them use paint and a cork to decorate their tree with round, colorful ornaments. Another idea is to draw a winter tree for them to decorate with snow using a cork and white paint.

Sponge Painted Christmas Stocking

You do need to help your toddler with this Christmas craft, but this gives you the opportunity to spend more time together. Use cardstock, scissors, a hole punch and yarn to create a Christmas stocking, which you can easily find the instructions for online. When you are finished, let your toddler decorate the stocking with crayons, sequins, stickers or sponges and paint.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

A toilet paper roll snowman is a super easy craft to get toddlers into the holiday spirit. You can help your toddler decorate their snowman with crayons or washable markers and googly eyes, and be sure to tie a ribbon or yarn around their snowman as a scarf. Pom poms glued to pipe cleaners make great earmuffs for your little one’s snowman.

Reindeer Food

Christmas crafts are not limited to piper cleaners and beads. You can also search for a recipe to make reindeer food with your toddler. There are several recipes to choose from for reindeer food, from pretzels and M&Ms to oats and sprinkles. Finish it off by asking your child to decorate a bag or container for the reindeer food, and leave this treat out with Santa’s cookies and milk for him to pass on to his buxic reindeer.

Your toddler is finally discovering the fun of the Christmas season, and planning a few crafts is a great way to boost their holiday spirit.

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