Use your head to choose the perfect hat

Choosing the perfect hat can be boring. There are so many styles and designs to choose from. However, there is an incredibly easy way to choose the right hat for you: use your head! The shape of your head and face can lead you to a great hat.

The shape of a face

Face shapes are very different, but they are generally divided into five different categories: long, round, square, heart-shaped, and oval. Any face shape with different hats will look great.

Long Face – If you have a long face, it’s best to avoid top hats as they can add too much height to your face. You want to choose a hat that covers a large part of your forehead. You can also choose a hat with the brim down. 

Round Face: Round faces go well with tall, decorative hats or with sharp lines and angles. You can use angled hats with asymmetrical edges to create angles that give more shape to your round face. Square Faces – Square faces have the opposite problem as round faces. You want to smooth out sharp lines and edges. If you have a square face, it is better to choose an asymmetrical hat. Avoid hats with sharp edges and sharp edges. 

Heart Face In most cases, a heart-shaped face usually only requires a hat with a medium brim to balance a wide forehead. A small, wide brim can make your forehead appear wider. As long as the edge is medium, most types of hats with a heart shape are effective. Oval faces are the happiest faces. This face shape can shake almost any model of hat. The only suggestion that is usually given for the oval face is to place the hat directly on the forehead and away from the corners. Small fringes and large fringes can make the forehead appear wider. So, as long as the brim is medium, most types of hats work with heart-shaped faces. 

Oval Face – Oval faces are the luckiest faces. This face shape can rock almost any hat style. The only suggestion that is usually given to oval faces is to wear the hat straight across the forehead and avoid angles. Small brims and large brims can make the forehead look even wider. Therefore, if the brim is medium, most types of hats will fit a heart-shaped face. Oval Face-The oval face is the happiest face. This face shape can rock the style of almost any hat. The only suggestion usually offered for an oval face is to wear a hat straight on the forehead and avoid the corners.

Hat style

There are many different hat styles for men and women to fit every face shape. For those with a long face, a wide-brimmed hat and beret look great. Ladies can opt for wide-brimmed Francesca sunbathing hats and Sorrento Panama hats for men. If you want to make your face look smaller, you can pull the brim of the hat to your eyebrows. 

For those who have a round face, a fedora or flat hat looks great. Bora Bora Bora straw hat Fedora Panama is a beautiful and stylish choice for women, and the Napoli Napkin Snap Napoli hat is a more stable choice for men. Always remember to tip your teeth and avoid floppy hats at all costs! Famous round figures include Adele, Kate Winslet, and Kanye West.

For those with a square face, bowled hats, toothed fedoras, and fashionable beans are the best hats. Men with square faces can wear the classic feathered wool bowler hat. Women with Fedora Snap Brim Trilby wool felt hats look stylish and fashionable. Always avoid flat hats and make sure the hat you choose fits well on your forehead. Famous square faces include Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, and Keith Urban.

For those with a heart-shaped face, a medium-brim fedora, cloche hat, and pillbox hat are good choices. A simple and elegant option for women is the classic Elle wool cloche hat with a bow, and the perfect option for men is the Portofino Retro white Panama straw hat. 

Remember, both small and wide borders are “forbidden” on heart-shaped faces! Heartbreaking celebrities. For those with an oval face, almost any hat is sufficient! Women can wear the Bahama Gambler Straw Panama Hat or the Tiffany Panama Planter Straw Hat. Genuine lovers Straw Panama Hats and Sahara Straw Safari Panama Hats are perfect for men. There is no doubt that you will choose a hat with an oval face, so be sure to choose a frog hat that will last a long time. Famous oval faces include David Beckham, Eva Mendes, and Angelina Jolie.

Brand promise

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