What are Single Board Computers and How Are They Used?

What Are Single Board Computers?

Computers are an integral part of the world. Computers themselves process almost all machines. However, computers have multiple components, which may be required to use them efficiently. Single board computers are computers with only one mainboard. This single board contains all the elements necessary. It includes memory, the processor, and other functions like input/ output.

What Does It Cost?

The cost of single board computers may range between $25 to $50 depending upon the manufacturer and the board’s capabilities itself. The cost of the computer is actually just a one-time amount that you will have to pay. The reason is that you cannot upgrade the board like other desktop computers. Therefore, if there is any requirement for performance improvement, you will have to purchase a new single-board computer.

What Are They Used For?


Smartphones have taken the world by surprise and are now a necessity. Everything is available over the smartphone. However, smartphones were always meant to be replaced when an upgrade was required in terms of hardware. Therefore, using single-board computers in smartphones was obvious, given their compact and complete nature. They have a single board with the processor, memory, and graphics processing units embedded in them. Sometimes other components can be connected to the same board. There is no requirement for another circuit board.


Most laptops use single-board computers, owing to the fact that laptops are usually meant to be replaced. They cannot be upgraded, given the fact that the processor and some other crucial components are soldered to the mainboard itself. Therefore, using a single compact board was not only cost-effective but also beneficial to companies in the long run. However, there are some bulky laptops that do not use them because they are made upgradable for gaming.


These single-board computers are bare boards and can be used by most people instead of desktops. Desktops and laptops cost quite a bit of money compared to single-board computers. The functionalities may be slightly limited, but it is pretty helpful for those that wish to do simple tasks like coding, testing, web browsing, and performing daily office tasks. The most commonly used function of such boards is that they can be custom reprogrammed for use in various project developments. Robotics is a field in which single-board computers are prevalent.


Appliances often use single networthexposed board computers because of their limited functions. They do not need to perform multiple activities. Every appliance has a limited range of tasks that it is necessary to perform. The single mainboard is more than sufficient to perform those tasks.

How Are They Used?

Single board computers can be plugged in like multi-board mainboards. Other output devices like monitors and printers, along with input devices like a mouse and keyboard, can be connected to use it. The only real difference is that the hardware capabilities are limited and cannot be modified by any minishortner means.

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