What is a “Brain Stem Injury”?

The brainstem refers to the bunch of nerves that are linked to the brain with the spinal cord. The brainstem is one of the most integral parts of the body, which has in the performance of body functioning and tasks like regulation of circadian rhythm, breathing, heart rhythms, and maintenance of balance. The brainstem is also responsible for other activities like swallowing food or water and controlling facial expressions and movement. Most of the victims experiencing brain injuries end up with lifelong complications and need full-time caretaking due to fewer chances of recovery. Consult a brain injury lawyer for case consultation and to understand how you can seek compensation. 

In many instances, damaged brain stems are the consequence of traumatic brain injury even if the brainstem did not get damaged in the garage. Traumatic brain injuries tend to be mild, like concussions, and serious ones that can lead to devastating consequences. Brainstem injuries also arise due to swelling of the brain when it is put under extreme pressure, which further causes harm to the brainstem and leads to issues. It can be due to penetrating head injuries or coup contrecoup head injuries.

In some cases, the brainstem may get severely damaged, and the blood and oxygen flow is cut off. Due to the lack of blood and oxygen, The condition of brain dead may take place. It leads to fatal consequences. If your loved one has been a victim of a similar injury, it is possible to seek compensation for all the losses resulting from the accident. A Lawsuit can be filed for reimbursement for all the damages and losses resulting from the death of the affected victim.

Compensation for Brain Stem Injuries

Brainstem head injuries take place due to numerous reasons. If you want compensation for the damages resulting from such injuries, it is necessary to prove that the injury resulted from someone’s negligent conduct. It must be established that the injury took place because someone else failed to perform the duty of care owed by them. It is essential to prove liability for getting a reimbursement. If you have an efficient lawyer with expertise in brain injury, the chances of winning the lawsuit are increased. They are experts in handling cases that require the establishment of damages caused by car crashes and accidents. The help in collecting all the necessary proof required to state that your brain stem injury was a direct result of negligent or intentional conduct.

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