What Is a Certified Life Coach?

To become a certified life coach, you should have at least some experience in counseling. If you have no prior training or experience, this is a great way to start your career. In addition to offering counseling, you can also create and implement strategies for enhancing your business. The process is relatively straightforward. You need to complete several steps, and then begin working on marketing your services. To get started, you should consider the following strategies:

The first step in becoming a life coach is completing a certification program. Depending on the level of your coaching training, you can choose to complete a certificate, diploma, or master’s degree. Some certification programs require you to complete the coursework at a Coach Training Organization. Be wary of some of these organizations, as they may pose as “accrediting bodies” for other certification programs. These organizations have no legal authority and certifying your program does not guarantee your success as a life coach.

Last Line

There is no governing body for this profession, so it is up to you to decide which certification program will work best for your business. While there are no requirements for becoming a life coach, earning this credential will definitely increase your credibility and attract more clients. While there is no governing body for life coaches, getting your credentials will add legitimacy to your services. The next step is finding your market and determining how much your target audience is willing to pay.

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