What is Smart Lighting Technology? What are its Common Types?

Installing smart lighting systems at your home could be a great advantage in many ways. These systems know when to turn off or on just in your presence. Also, these can be controlled quickly and conveniently with your Smartphone or a smart remote. This system uses different kinds of smart lights and bulbs, which includes various sensors. These add a luxury look to your home’s interior, which is again a good advantage of this automated system.

What is smart lighting?

A smart lighting system is an advanced lighting technology installed in smart homes. This system is connected to the internet, which can make decisions and follow schedules for turning on or off the lights. This can be controlled quickly and remotely using a mobile app or a smart remote. Most lighting systems contain different varieties of smart lights and bulbs. These lights come up with smart features like changing light colour, setting reminders, changing brightness, etc. the sensor is also installed in these lights, which makes it work more efficiently and effectively.

How do smart lights work?

Different kinds of smart lighting systems are available in the market, so their working would also be different. The ways to control the lighting system are also different, and you can choose them per your requirements. The main ways to control these systems are:

  • First, control the system with the help of mobile apps.
  • Using voice assistants for controlling it, if installed in the system.
  • Control with the help of sensors which includes the feature of vacancy sensors.

Types of smart lighting systems

The automatic smart lighting system comes in different kinds, which is beneficial to a great extent. You can choose the system as per your home interior and budget. You don’t have to limit yourself to a particular kind of system. The applications of these different types are different as well as have a different control systems.

Smart light bulbs

These smart light bulbs are wi-fi-based smart bulbs and are one low-cost lighting system. These are installed in ordinary bulb holders and need a wi-fi connection for their work. You need to pair these bulbs with a local wi-fi network and then can control these bulbs remotely. You can install multiple smart light bulbs as per your requirements. It comes up with some interesting and advanced features, which can be:

  • Control remotely
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Different light colours
  • Can be scheduled

Smart lights connected to the hub

The home interiors can be expanded by installing smart lights with the same communication technology. These smart lights work by connecting to the internet through a hub. These are not used commonly, as not everyone has installed a hub at home. But these can be useful for those who already use the internet through a hub.

Motion sensing light

These lights work based on PIR sensors which are used for motion-detecting purposes. This means that these automatically work when there is any human presence occurs. So, for example, when someone approaches or comes in front of these lights, these lights turn on. These work on the sensors, which detect the movement and then work accordingly. These are one of the most advanced systems, and that does why they can be high in cost as compared to other types.

Wi-fi connected smart lighting system.

One of the common lighting systems is the one which is installed by connecting with wi-fi routers. This system is connected to the internet using wi-fi routers installed at your home. These can be controlled remotely using a mobile app or a remote. But these only work when there is an internet connection available.

Bluetooth-connected smart lights

The Bluetooth-based smart lights are installed using a Bluetooth hub. This hub is used to connect Bluetooth-connected devices to the internet. This system also can be controlled remotely with your mobile phone. So to use this system, all you need is to have a Bluetooth hub and a Bluetooth device.

Z wave smart systems

The z wave smart lighting system is somewhat similar to Bluetooth-based lights. However, this wave system creates a mesh network and cannot be controlled without a hub. This is also known as the ZigBee system, and to control this system, there must be an installation of a Zigbee/ Z wave hub. Unfortunately, these are not so popular and have comparatively high costs compared to other types. This is because a specific kind of system is to be installed for its work.

The smart lighting system can be beneficial if installed at your home or business. This offers various benefits which give your luxury and a more convenient lifestyle. This highly advanced system allows you to keep your home more secure by adding to its interior. You can have access to various options of smart lights as well as smart lighting systems. It would be great if you could install it per your requirement and budget.

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