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What is the difference between male and female facial foam?

Facial skin care is extremely important for both men and women. If we do not care or clean as they should. May make our faces are not clean and lead to acne, so foaming cleanser is one of the important things for our faces. that we should pay close attention to At present, there are many types of facial foams to choose from. Importantly, it is also divided into facial cleansing foam for men and women. But have you ever wondered What is the difference between women’s and men’s cleansing foam? So today we will find out that in the end. Can men use women’s cleansing foam? There are cleansing foams that are suitable for both women and men. We also have many skin care products for you to choose from.

But first, let’s get to know our “manly” facial skin.

If you look at the surface then The faces of women and men may not look very different As a result, many men choose to use a women’s cleansing foam to use. Because they can be bought easily and there are many to choose from in the market. But who knows that the faces of men and women are actually quite different. So picking up my boyfriend’s facial foam to use. “May not be suitable for our face.”

Difference 1: Thickness

When comparing the thickness on the surface, it is found that Men have 20 percent thicker skin than women, and vice versa. Women are the ones with more sensitive skin, so “men’s foreskin is thicker than women’s.”

The second difference: the rate of collagen degradation.

Usually, men’s facial skin has more collagen than women’s. making the face look more firm But the amount of collagen in men’s skin gradually decreases, while in women it begins to slow down. especially in menopause After that, women’s skin will become thinner rather quickly. and will notice wrinkles The sagging of the skin was more pronounced than that of men of the same age.

Difference 3 : Oiliness

Men’s facial skin is more oily than women’s because men’s sebaceous glands. Can work up to 2 times more than women, causing men’s skin to have a lower pH. Therefore, it is more prone to acne.

Difference 4: Pores

Of course, men’s facial skin has larger pores. because by the physical structure Men’s skin will have larger pores than women’s skin as the original capital. so we feel Women’s skin is smoother. and for this reason Men’s skin therefore needs a deeper cleansing product to cleanse the face thoroughly.

As has been said above, The faces of women and men are different. The main components for facial foam are mixed with collagen, vitamin E, etc., which remain in the same principle and purpose. To nourish, repair and protect the skin Therefore, facial cleansing foam, whether for women or men. It must contain cleaning agents with similar properties, which may differ only in smell or packaging. that indicates only masculinity Here is the best website alltimesmagazine where you can get the latest and breaking news. 

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