Why Franchise Stores Use Custom-Printed Window Decals for Marketing

When it comes to marketing franchise stores – everything goes. Franchise stores are typically desperate for growth. Franchise leaders have to make use of every inch of ad space they get their hands on. From store windows to empty aisles inside the store – everything is free real estate that can be used for marketing.

However, franchise stores vary in size. One franchise store may be huge, the other tiny. For franchise leaders, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to creating marketing materials. They need marketing tools that are flexible and can be adapted to the needs of their storage spaces. That’s why franchise leaders love using custom-printed window decals as marketing tools.

What is Decal Marketing?

Decals or stickers have always served as amazing marketing tools. Almost all top brands manufacture their own custom stickers and decals. Then, they print these stickers on products, banners, etc. With window decals, brand leaders get to use the windows in their stores as free ad spaces.

Decals come in all shapes/sizes. Whether your store has small or large windows, it doesn’t matter. You can easily get a custom-size decal that perfectly fits your store’s windows. Franchise store owners have one goal – succeed in winning the local customer group’s hearts. They use custom-printed window decals to achieve this goal. Here’s how.

Local Marketing with Custom-Printed Decals

When franchisees move into new communities, they need strong local marketing strategies to survive. With custom decals, franchise leaders get to create amazing, highly personalized marketing messages. Imagine you’re leading a franchise store.

  • On your custom decals, you can print graphics or messages that please the local community.
  • Then, install the decals on your franchise store’s windows for everyone to see.
  • Pretty soon, local customers will take notice. They’ll notice your brand’s name on the beautifully designed decals.
  • Your franchise store’s popularity in the local community will grow. A single, well-designed window graphic is all it takes for a franchise store to become eye-catching in a community.

Space Efficiency

Franchise managers and operators value efficiency. Custom window graphics are highly space-efficient marketing tools. They don’t take up indoor store space. They don’t create obstructions inside the store. You can install them on unused store windows and doors and turn them into premium advertising spaces.

No Permits

Franchise store owners need to obtain many permits to start a business in a new location. The last thing they need is more permits and regulations. Unfortunately, when franchise leaders seek to install large outdoor signs or posters in public spaces, they face several restrictions. They have to take permission from local authorities to set up such outdoor ads.

With window stickers and decals – there are no such restrictions. The windows inside a franchise store belong to the franchise owner – they’re private property. Franchise store owners can install any decal on their windows as long as their content is not offensive or slanderous.

For franchise store owners, every penny matters. That’s why the yearly economic output of franchise stores in the US is $670 billion. Franchise owners love making and saving money. With window decals, they get the perfect cost-effective marketing tool!

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