Why Is Laminated Glass Your Best Choice?

Laminated glass is manufactured by sandwiching one or more polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) sheets in between two glass panes. The panes can be tempered glass or heat-strengthened sheets that tend to adhere to the PVB if broken. When laminated glass breaks due to hurling force, the PVB membrane absorbs impact energy and disperses it evenly. Personnel is secured from falling glasses on both sides of the window.

Characteristics of Laminated Glass.

Apart from its immense security, the laminated glass has consumer-friendly characteristics that make it the best choice for your window panes.


Ordinary glass panes are fragile and break into long sharp pieces under violent forces. Due to the PVB interlayers, laminated glass remains adhered to the membrane even if broken and resists falling into pieces. The PVB membrane absorbs a large amount of shock and dissipates it evenly within the glass, thereby minimising the risk of breaking.

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Laminated glass provides utmost security from burglary as the interlayer resists intrusion. Even if the glass panes are broken, it is impossible to intrude through the PVB membrane. However, this feature makes it a poor pick as an emergency exit. It is difficult to break the window and move out under emergency conditions.

Sound Control:

Laminated window panes absorb sound frequencies ranging from 125 Hz and 4000 Hz. The damping effect of the PVB makes it a superb soundproofing barrier that keeps a peaceful environment within your room.

UV Control:

UV rays are harmful to your interiors as they fade your curtains and furniture. Laminated glass blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful rays while allowing the entire visible wavelength to pass through.

Disaster Control:

The disastrous effect of natural calamities like earthquakes and hurricanes can be overcome by choosing the right combination of laminated glass for your disaster-prone area. Laminated glass can even protect your panes from collapsing due to man-made disasters like bomb blasts.


Laminated glasses are not suitable for fire resistance as they are combustible due to their internal plastic core. The thermal expansion also tends to crack the glass panes, making them vulnerable. If the glass must be manufactured to resist fire, fused quartz can be used instead of heat-treated glasses.


Laminated glass is extensively durable and has maintained its colour and strength for years. It is therefore used in flooring, stairs, balconies, and windows.


Laminated glasses come flat or curved. They can include tinted, patterned, heat-strengthened, or annealed glasses with coloured interlayers to add tint and privacy. They can be cut, drilled, or notched and are simple to install.

How Much Does a Laminated Glass Cost?

Offering multi-functional benefits and extensive durability and security, laminated glasses are expensive due to their highly complex manufacturing process. However, the glass is worthy of its cost due to its high-quality features and it adds aesthetic value to your interiors.

To Sum Up:

Laminated glasses are cutting-edge solutions to interior decor for safety, security, and durability. They are highly versatile because they resist distortion, disasters, sound, and UV. With its user-friendly features, laminated glass becomes your ultimate choice for decorating your interiors.

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