Why Thailand is an ideal destination this time of year

Since November 1 last year, Thailand has reopened its borders to vaccinated tourists from many countries. For a year and a half, access to Thailand had been subject to quarantine, due to a health crisis. But since November 1 last year, it’s over!

Foreign tourists can now come to Thailand if they meet several conditions: have a complete vaccination schedule, and a negative PCR test result (dating 72 hours before departure). But also have insurance covering $50,000 in medical expenses.

The announcement could not have been better timed for travelers in search of tropical sun. Between November and June, Thailand has its driest and sunniest period. Now is the best time to go!

Canals and temples

A visit to Thailand necessarily passes through Bangkok. Nicknamed “the Venice of the East”, the capital is criss-crossed by numerous canals, which can be traveled by “taxi boat”. Paradoxically, Bangkok juxtaposes gleaming business towers, with picturesque working-class districts, with frail shacks on stilts.

It is also distinguished by its many Buddhist temples. Including the Royal Palace (also called Grand Palais), and Wat Pho, which houses a huge statue of a reclining Buddha, covered in gold leaf. Remember to take off your shoes before visiting a temple. And take a shawl to cover your shoulders.

Gastronomy and massages

Thailand is also rightly famous for its gastronomy. Scented with many spices: coriander, curry, saffron, ginger…

It is still better to specify that you prefer dishes that are not very spicy. Otherwise, beware of fire in the mouth!

Tropical fruits advantageously replace desserts: pineapple, guava, mangosteen, coconut…

Another must: massages, which are part of the country’s culture. A traditional daily practice in Thailand.

They can be offered to you everywhere: in massage parlors, on the beach, in the street… Namely: the complete massage uses pressure and twists of the body, which are not very relaxing! Foot massages are more peaceful.

The dream beaches of the South

Thailand also evokes white sand beaches bathed in emerald-colored water. Where to find these dream landscapes? In the south of the country in particular. We can mention the island of Phuket, the largest. And one of the most famous. But also the islands of Ko Lanta, Ko Phi Phi, Ko Tao, or Ko Samui.

The activity not to be missed: diving. Or simply snorkeling, without an oxygen bottle, just with a mask and a snorkel. The opportunity to approach multicolored tropical fish, which are not very shy. Like in a giant aquarium.

The north of the country

The North of the country has a different atmosphere. The city of Chiang Mai is a good base camp for treks in the jungle and in the mountains. Which give the opportunity to meet with mountain ethnic groups. With, as an option, the trip on the back of an elephant. Or the descent of a river in a raft or a bamboo raft. Because in Thailand, reality often surpasses the postcard! So…are you ready to start your Thailand Holidays?

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